Is Sparkling Ice Healthy? 5 Surprising Facts to Know!

Unlike many carbonated diet drinks, sparkling ice has a healthy notion attached to it. But, being a soda, can it actually be sugar-free? We have some eye-openers for you. 

Sparkling ice is seen in the market in so many heavenly colors and pleasant fruity flavors. Yet, the question is, is sparkling ice healthy for you?

Sparkling ice is free of sugar and artificial colors. It has a few nutritious ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and green tea extracts. Not to forget, it also comes with Caffeine from natural sources. As we know whether is sparkling ice good for you or not, depends on its ingredients. Sucralose that Sparkling ice contains is very doubtful. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that tends to increase insulin resistance and create other health issues. So, we cannot say anything about the drink’s healthiness with certainty. 

Sparkling ice is made from sparkling water, so it contains all the properties of sparkling water or soda water. That includes carbon dioxide for a visible bubbly effect. Some people call it negligible with no sugar while some consider it harmful to one’s health. 

Here’s to discuss Sparkling Ice nutrition and ingredients. Let’s dive right in!

Can Sparkling Ice Replace Water?

It is a common consideration that sparkling water functions similarly to water. Is Sparkling ice healthy just like water? Does it hydrate the body well enough? Let’s discover!

The first thing is Sparkling water has sucrose which may affect the gut microbiome, unlike water. Also, vitamins A and D are fat-soluble nutrients that can be consumed more than needed. So, I advise you NOT to take sparkling water as the only beverage. 

If your gut bacteria gets affected, it could make you insulin sensitive with time. Keeping this alarming ingredient in mind, many people consume sparkling ice in moderation. They never replace it with water. That’s smart!

The second concern about the drink is that it contains fat-soluble vitamins A and D. This amount is very less, that’s just about 15% of the daily per-serving value of both vitamins. So, we can predict that if you are not consuming high amounts of sparkling ice, you will not have any issues with this. It is also NOT the case with water consumption.

By volume, sparkling ice is like water. But is sparkling ice drink healthy for you and enough to keep you hydrated? It keeps you hydrated, but for acute needs of hydration, you should go for a drink that has added electrolytes. An example can be Pedialyte. You can also choose several other oral rehydration solutions. 

Sparkling Ice Vs Soda

Is sparkling ice healthy for you in comparison with soda? The straight answer is, yes. The reason behind is, it is free of all artificial colors, many calories, and sugar. It is also free of phosphoric acid, which is a very harmful ingredient they add to cola drinks. The negative factor of sucralose though is controversial. 

Regular Soda

Regular soda is well-known for being unhealthy for many reasons. A majority of people dislike it for added sugars, phosphoric acid, and calories. Phosphoric acid increases the chances of bone deficiencies like Osteoporosis and cavities. Not only that, some of the soda bottles carry caramel color which may contain a carcinogen. 

Sparkling Ice

On the other hand, sparkling ice does not come with this many problems, but it does have a few side effects. Sucralose alone is a good enough reason to worry about. Still, there are people who think it’s okay to drink Sparkling Ice with minimal risks involved. 

Both these beverages have sucralose and a few other similar attributes nutritionally. So, is Sparkling ice healthy or soda is good? If I were to choose between Sparkling Ice and regular diet soda, I would not choose any of them. I’d rather go for the one and only natural, super drink, and that is water. That is the only healthy option for me to consider. 

You can thank me later for sharing another interesting variety of water. It’s Hint Water. The brand focuses on producing the most natural flavored water. They also offer a fizzy version of this water if you like. 

Is Sparkling Ice Vegan?

No. It is not entirely vegan. Vitamin D that it carries is sourced from sheep’s wool called lanolin. People who like vegan, will feel good about it. When you see the ingredient list on the Sparkling ice package, the term Cholecalciferol (used for Vitamin D) also indicates that it is taken from sea algae. This possibility makes it vegan to some extent. 

Is Sparkling Ice Good for Diabetics?

Sucralose does not prove to be good for us though, but if Sparkling ice is taken in moderation, then it’s ok. Zero carbohydrates and the least calories (5 cal) seem nice, but the addition of Sucralose cannot be ignored. 

For the question, is Sparkling Ice healthy for people with diabetes, the ideal answer will be: the best choice for a diabetic person is WATER. With plenty of options available on the market today, including juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, and Sparkling water, what’s natural will save you from any possible side effects. 

Can Sparkling Ice Harm Your Stomach?

Sparkling ice can also mess up your stomach. The carbonation can cause damage to it and the fizziness can cause bloating and burping. Sparkling Ice can also cause diarrhea.

Is Sparkling Sugar Effective in Weight-loss?

Many people prefer shifting to low-calorie drinks such as Sparkling ice so they can lose weight.  But it is evident that most artificial sweeteners like sucralose are potentially ineffective for weight loss. 

Bottom Line

Is Sparkling ice healthy or not? It remains questionable. It’s a popular drink that is normally advertised as a healthy alternative to soda drinks and many other artificial drinks on the market. Made with purified water and carbon dioxide, then frozen into small pieces, this sparkling ice is sweetened using added sugars. Other than being a source of hydration, the added sugar to it makes it less likely to be healthy for your body. 

I will conclude this post by saying that, without any artificial sugar flavors or calorie addition, this can be taken as a better option than soda. Yet both these drinks are not really good for health. We should live by the safest sources of nature. This makes water an ideal choice for the wise.

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