Introducing Great Life Church – A Place Where People, Families And Children Matter

At Great Life Church, we love keeping things simple. We believe that people, families and children matter to God no matter what stage in their life or where they come from. We invite you to learn more about God and His amazing plan for your life at our church.

What is Great Life Church?

Great Life Church is a place where people, families and children matter. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, this church has been providing services to the community for over 30 years. They strive to be a place where people can come together and feel connected.

They offer a variety of services including Sunday service, worship events, kids programming and more. They also have a large outreach program that helps provide resources to families in need. Their goal is to create a loving environment that helps people connect with God and each other.

Our Values

Great Life Church is a place where people, families and children matter. We believe that God designed the family to be a cornerstone of society and we want to help create a community that reflects His values.

At Great Life Church, we value relationships. We want everyone in our congregation to feel like they’re part of a family. We believe that good families are built on mutual respect and encouragement, and we want to make sure that everyone at Great Life feels valued.

We also believe that children are special. At Great Life Church, we want children to learn about Jesus Christ and develop their spiritual skills. We want them to be able to trust in God and know that they have a purpose in life.

We hope that you’ll come join us at Great Life Church!

Who We Are

Great Life Church is a place where people, families and children matter. We believe that God wants us to live happy, healthy lives and He has called us to follow His example. We want to be a place where everyone feels welcome and can feel loved.

We are a family-based church that emphasizes the importance of relationships. We want to build strong relationships with our members, their families and our community. We believe that we can make a difference in the world by serving others, giving sacrificially and being Christ-like examples.

At Great Life Church, we strive to be an authentic community that reflects the love of God. Our members come from all walks of life and have different backgrounds, beliefs and values. But at Great Life Church we share one common goal – to know Christ and experience His love for each other.

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What We Believe

At Great Life Church, we believe that people, families, and children are the most important things in life. We want to create a place where people can come to feelconnected and loved. We want to help families build lasting relationships and help children learn how to have fun and make friends.

Our Vision

Great Life Church is a place where people, families, and children matter. We believe that every person is worth something and has the potential to be great. We strive to help people find their purpose in life and to become the best they can be.

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At Great Life Church, we value relationships above everything else. We want our members to feel like they are part of a community where they can be themselves and share their ideas and thoughts with others. Our goal is for everyone at Great Life Church to feel loved, accepted, and valued.

We know that God wants us to live happy lives and reach our full potential. That’s why we offer classes on topics like anger management, parenting, finances, health & fitness, and more. Come join us as we work together to make Great Life Church the best it can be!

How We Operate

Great Life Church is a place where people, families and children matter. This is evident in the way we operate. We believe that our calling as a church is to reach out to those who are hurting and to minister to them in ways that will help them find healing and restoration.

We do this by providing a safe and accepting environment for everyone, whether they are new members or long-time members of our congregation. We believe that by building relationships with one another, we can help support each other through difficult times.

We also care about the young people in our community. We want to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to live successful lives. That’s why we offer programs like Youth Alive! and Young Men’s Ministry.

We hope you will visit us soon and see for yourself how we operate as a ministry dedicated to serving God’s people!

How You Can Connect With Us

If you’re looking for a church that emphasizes people, families, and children, then look no further than Great Life Church. This congregation is dedicated to spreading the love of God to all who attend.

One of the ways that Great Life Church keeps its members connected is through its newsletter. This monthly publication not only offers up helpful information, but also allows members the opportunity to interact with one another. Additionally, the church hosts various events throughout the year that allow members to connect with one another on a more personal level.

Whether you’re new to church or have been a part of different congregations before, Great Life Church is sure to be a great fit for you. With its focus on family and community, this church is sure to touch your life in a positive way.

Our Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry at Great Life Church is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Our experienced and caring staff will work with your family to provide the best possible care for your children while you attend services. We offer a variety of activities and events specifically designed for children, including worship, Bible studies, summer camp, and much more.

We believe that God desires His children to grow up in a family-friendly environment where they learn about Him and His love for them. Our Children’s Ministry is designed to help make this happen!


Great Life Church is a place where people, families and children matter. We want to be a church that is attractive to all people, regardless of their background or situation. We are committed to reaching out to everyone in our community, no matter how big or small their need may be.

We believe that we can change the world by helping others. That’s why we offer outreach services to low-income families, single mothers and fathers, and children in need. We also offer free breakfast and lunch every Sunday morning, as well as Bible school for children from 3 years old through high school graduation.

We hope you will visit us soon and see for yourself how we are changing the world one family at a time!

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