Internet Privacy Warning: 7 Things You Need to Know About It

Internet Privacy Warning: 7 Things You Need to Know About It

You usually do not experience many WiFi issues on your iPhone or iPad, but they exist. However, you might have noticed a Privacy Warning error message while you are checking your network settings. 

The first few questions that come to your mind are – whether your home WiFi settings are appropriate? Is there something wrong with the phone? How to fix the issue quickly? 

In this article, we will discuss everything you want to learn about the Internet privacy warning on iPhones. 

What is a “Privacy Warning” on iPhones?

With the release of iOS 14, Apple users experience seeing “weak security” and “privacy warning” messages under their WiFi connection. Here, we will try to understand what these notifications mean and how you can fix them. With each iOS launch, Apple focuses on strengthening its security. 

iOS 14 has restricted the way different networks track user activity by masking the Media Access Control (MAC) address. iPhones with iOS 14 can spawn a unique MAC for each individual network the user accesses. It makes it impossible to track user activity when using iPhones or iPads.

Deleting Recent Searches Can Fix the Error

Sometimes, erasing the previous searches on the iPhone can help resolve many issues related to WiFi and browsers. So, if you are constantly experiencing the privacy warning error on your iPhone, try deleting recent searches. 

You can do it by navigating to the Finder. If you are wondering how to clear recent files in Finder on Mac, go to the Recents folder. You may also use a professional app to delete previous searches or unnecessary data from your iPhone.  

Enabling Private WiFi Can Resolve the Issue

On seeing the privacy warning message, you can tweak the WiFi settings to enable private WiFi by following the given steps. 

Installing or Downgrading iOS Can Rectify Error

Before the launch of iOS 14, the network observers, network operators, and WiFi networks had access to user activity through unauthorized practices, which resulted in user profiling. So, iOS 14 was released as a preventive measure to protect user security. 

So, if your phone is displaying a “privacy warning” message on the screen, the MAC address is not masked. The network can access the address and can track it, which makes it vulnerable to online threats. So, install iOS 14 on your iPhone. 

Forgetting Your WiFi Network Can Be Helpful

After connecting to the home WiFi network, if you still see the same message, it’s safe to ignore the message. Make sure that your network connectivity aligns with the WiFi router settings recommended by Apple. 

Once all the settings are configured, forget the network on your phone and then connect again. To forget the WiFi networks on your iPhone, follow the steps given below. 

You must pay extra attention to this message when using a public connection, for example, a WiFi network available in a cafe, library, or airport.

Restarting the iPhone May Fix Privacy Warning Error 

After following the above-mentioned tips, if you still experience the Privacy Warning message on your iPhone, turn off Airplane mode. Wait for a few seconds and then turn on the Airplane mode and check if the problem still exists.

When nothing seems to help much, restarting the iPhone can be a potential way to solve the glitch. So turn off your phone and then turn it on. Check the network to see if you still get the privacy warning error message on your iPhone.  

Checking Your Router Connection Can Help

Sometimes, the Internet privacy warning error is the result of inappropriate router settings. Your iPhone may be in good condition, and it has nothing to do with the error. If you think that your router is at fault, restart it and check if it resolves the issues. 

Alternatively, consider updating the firmware to fix the error. You need to install a third-party app to update the firmware. The entire update process varies, depending on your provider. Contact your WiFi supplier and discuss the issue. 

Using a VPN Can Establish a Secure Connection

If you are using someone else’s WiFi connection or connected to a public network, consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a VPN will allow you to encrypt your connection which prevents unauthorized access to your online activities. 

Establishing a private connection on your iPhone may also save you from experiencing Privacy Warning error messages. To connect to a VPN, click Settings, tap General, and select VPN & Device Management.

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