Competitors & Alternative Sites Like of ifvod.tv


ifvod.tv is a Chinese movie streaming site that offers an extensive collection of over 1 million movies and TV series. The site also has regional restrictions depending on the user’s country, so Chinese users can’t access it. If you are looking for another site like ifvod.tv, check out some of the alternatives below!

Alternative Sites Like of ifvod.tv

In this article, we will list all possible alternatives for ifvod.tv. Just scroll down and click on each link below to check it out!


DOUBAN is a Chinese movie streaming website, which offers free online movies. It is one of the best alternatives of ifvod.tv(. The website is based in China and provides a wide range of content from the latest TV shows to the most famous Hollywood movies. It has more than 100 million users worldwide, who can watch high-quality videos with subtitles in many different languages for free or for a small fee on their computers or mobile phones.

There are two ways to find your favorite videos on DOUBAN—search by keywords or browse through categories like action, drama, documentary etc.. If you’re looking for something specific but can’t seem to find it on other sites like ifvod.(Chinese movies streaming) then using this feature would be worth a try!


Youku is a Chinese video-sharing website established in 2005 that allows users to watch videos, movies and TV shows for free. It is the second largest video-sharing website in China after Bilibili and it has more than 200 million users.

Youku provides a wide variety of videos from different countries such as Japan, South Korea and America, but also from other parts of Asia such as Thailand and India. The site also offers many categories like music videos or cartoons which can be easily found by using their search engine feature at the top left corner near the logo of your screen when you log onto Youku for first time!


Tencent Video is a video-streaming app developed by Tencent Holdings in China. The app has over 200 million users and is one of the largest streaming platforms in China. It offers movies, TV shows and other videos on demand as well as live broadcasts from Tencent’s partners.

In addition to its main platform, Tencent has also launched an online store where you can purchase movies and TV shows to stream later.


iQIYI is a Chinese video streaming website and mobile application owned by IQIYI, Inc., headquartered in Beijing. As of November 2018, iQiyi had more than 600 million users, making it the largest online video platform in China and Asia.

IQIYI provides access to licensed movies from third-party studios as well as original programming produced by the company itself such as “Dramatic Reading” series featuring popular actors reading classic novels with other content including stand-up comedy performances hosted by established comedians such as Guo Degang or Ma Liya Renqi; sports programs such as NBA Live Stream Shows etc.


Launched in 2001, Sohu Video is now one of the top video sharing sites in China. Similar to YouTube and Tudou.com, it has a lot of original content and has become a popular place for Chinese people to watch online videos. If you want to find out more about what Sohu Video has to offer then this article will tell you everything you need to know about it and how it compares with other popular Chinese websites.


I hope this post helped you find a better alternative to ifvod.tv. There are a lot of great websites out there that offer similar content and services, so take your time to find the one that’s right for you!

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