ICICI Car Loan Calculator

ICICI Car Loan Calculator


The EMI calculator provided by the ICICI Bank allows customers to get an idea of the monthly payments for a vehicle loan. A car loan is usually paid back over a set number of years. The amount of monthly repayment is equal to the principal amount borrowed minus the applicable rate of interest and the loan tenure, which is the time period over which you will make the repayments. As the loan tenure increases, the proportion of the principal to interest component changes. At the beginning, the interest component is always higher than the principal, but this ratio decreases with time. This process is known as amortisation.

To use the ICICI Bank car loan calculator, you must have a monthly income that matches the income threshold. You should also have a good credit score and no history of defaulting on EMIs. You can also check if you meet the eligibility requirements by visiting a branch or completing an online form.

Axis Bank

If you are looking to buy a new or used car, you should take into account the EMI. The EMI is the amount of money that you will need to repay over the course of the loan. Typically, it is fixed for the length of the loan, and it is based on the amount of money you borrow, interest rate, and the length of repayment term. Axis Bank’s car loan calculator can help you determine how much you’ll need to pay each month. You can enter the loan amount and interest rate, and within a few seconds, the EMI will be calculated for you.

Axis Bank offers car loans for new and used cars. It requires a minimum credit score of 750 to qualify. It also offers a Loan Against Car scheme, which is perfect for those who need money urgently. You can use a car as collateral for a loan of up to 10 lakh.

State Bank of India

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new car or refinancing an existing loan, an SBI car loan calculator can help you calculate EMIs and payoff time. It shows you the total amount that you will have to repay, and a graphical representation of how much you will pay each month. The calculator also lets you input your interest rate and loan tenure. You can also choose to make partial prepayments of your loan to reduce the amount of principle that you have to pay over the remaining term of the loan.

The State Bank of India car loan calculator helps you understand your monthly payments and plan your finances before you apply for a loan. Using the calculator will also help you determine the amount of interest that you will pay, and whether or not you’ll have to pay a guarantor for the loan. You can also check the status of your loan by visiting an SBI branch. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can visit your local branch and speak to a representative.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable car loan or a luxury car, the State Bank of India car loan calculator can help you determine how much money you can borrow for the loan. You can also choose to pay for the loan with a fixed amount, or in instalments. Either way, the amount you borrow should be affordable based on your monthly income and financial requirements.


ICICI Bank’s car loan calculator is an ideal tool for people looking to purchase a car. It offers various car loan options with low EMIs and flexible tenures. However, before applying for an auto loan, it is crucial to know your eligibility criteria. Once you have determined your eligibility, you can use the ICICI car loan calculator to estimate your monthly installments.

The ICICI Car loan calculator is an arithmetical tool that calculates monthly installments, making it easier to compare different interest rates. It also provides a comprehensive picture of your car loan repayments through a pie-diagram or iconographic line chart. The calculator will also calculate your EMI payments, total interest payable, and more.

The ICICI car loan calculator also allows you to view the interest rates for different loan tenures. This is important because higher EMIs mean higher interest costs. In other words, choosing the right loan tenure is critical to ensure a manageable EMI.

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