How To Wear A Bomber Jacket With Style

The bomber jacket is truly a classic for men. Even many women love it right now. This timeless outwear piece comes to the table with a huge variety of interesting styles, being suitable for so many occasions. Bomber jackets are versatile and fashionable. They can keep you warm during winters and make a statement as they perfectly complete numerous casual outfits. If you want to look your best with a bomber jacket, look no further. The advice below can help you.

What Is The Bomber Jacket?

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The bomber jacket is the classic military flight jacket we saw appear during World War I, all as pilots needed durable and warm flying outerwear. As time passed, the bomber jacket ended up being adopted by civilians. It is traditionally made out of leather but modern materials also include polyester, nylon, suede and even wool.

Bomber jackets are characterized by hem and ribbed cuffs, front zip closures and defined necklines. Various styles appeared along the years so this classic jacket can be bought in various fits, colors and styles.

Wearing the bomber jacket is nowadays possible in various ways. However, before you style it, you need to pick a type. Here are some you should know more about:

  • Burgundy Bomber Jackets
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Punk culture made this popular between the sixties and the eighties. In modern times, burgundy bomber jackets are great for many styles, although its main advantage is that it adds attitude to the outfit. You want to partner this with a black hoodie, t-shirt and black jeans. You end up with that edgy casual look that makes people look at you on the street.

  • Red Bomber Jackets

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If you want to be on-trend at all times, the red bomber jacket is a safe option. It is fashion-forward when compared with other colors, being bolder as a statement piece. You want to pair this with some classic tones. As an example, the red bomber can be paired with white sneakers, crew-neck T-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

  • Black Bomber Jackets
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Black, as is usually the case, is the safe, classic option. It does look sleek so it makes the black bomber jacket really versatile. You can easily pair it with various outfits. Black nylon bombers look more athletic and black leather bombers are great for outfits that aim to be edgier. Basically, tailor the look based on your wishes since you can never go back with black bomber jackets.

  • White Bomber Jackets
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White bombers are rare but what statement they can make. These are perfect for spring, with a unique style that is not too bold. The hue is neutral so the versatility of the white bomber jacket is really high, working with so many colors. The recommendation is to pair white bombers with some lighter pieces, like tan chinos, soft blue jeans or even some white sneakers.

  • Olive Bomber Jackets
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These are pretty popular, together with green ones. Olive works pretty well with the aesthetic of this jacket so you can end up with a casual outfit that is quite stylish. You want to use it as accent so that it complements the rest. Pair it with some basic pants like jeans or chinos. Also, consider combining it with earthy shades and neutral colors.

  • Long Bomber Jackets

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Besides colors, you also have to think about fits and styles. The longer bomber is something you do want to consider. Most of the bombers will end at your hip level, but the longline one will go much more down. It can be really good during winter, once again, making a statement. Do pair this with slim pants though in order to balance the overall chunkier appearance of the long bomber jacket.

  • Suede Bomber Jackets
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If it rains, you do not really want to wear it but it can easily create a stylish, smart look. Suede offers a really unique twist for something we are used to in a certain way. Do be sure that you consider stone, beige, brown and beige as colors for suede bomber jackets since they look the best. Even so, some shades of navy, white and black will make a strong impact.

  • Leather Bomber Jackets
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This is the classic, the original, the timeless choice. It is a winter stable. You choose the color, with black being perfect for edgier appearances and slim black jeans. The other colors will offer a look that is a little softer. You want to pair these with items like a white t-shirt or blue jeans.

When And How To Wear Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are practically really good when you opt for smart casual or casual outfits. You just have to pick an appropriate style. Then, you tailor everything else in order to get a great mix:

  • Bomber Jackets And Casual Occasions

You can so easily create a casual outfit with a bomber jacket. Just pair it with chinos, jeans or some casual trousers. On the top half, go for a t-shirt if the weather is warm or the sweatshirt if the weather is cold. Sneakers are 100% natural and will pair really well with absolutely all bomber jacket styles.

  • Bomber Jackets And Smart Casual Occasions

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