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Pickup Truck services in Dubai

A subsidiary of the Practical Pickup Truck services in Dubai, is the first Pickup Truck services in Dubai company specializing in the rental of commercial vehicles, vans and vans of different volumes. 

Our different formulas bring you the most innovative and most suitable solutions for your utility rental needs in Dubai.

Responds to requests from companies and professionals as well as individuals by providing utility and van rental offers in Casablanca and everywhere in Pickup Truck services in Dubai best suited to each category.

 A large fleet of vans, small vans, trucks with tailgate, pick up and at your disposal to facilitate your travels, your move, the transport of bulky furniture or the distribution of your goods.

Quality Service

It puts at your disposal all its know-how and expertise in the field of Pickup Truck services in Dubai through its advice and quality of service. Our experienced team in the field will accompany you throughout the rental process.

A Diverse Range

Our range of utilities is wide and diversified, made up of vans of all sizes (3m³, 6m³, 9m³) as well as trucks 20m³ or more with or without tailgate / tippers as well as Pickups. Our utility vehicles are recent with low mileage and in excellent mechanical and bodywork condition.

Location De Pick Up

Efficient and equipped with a large loading volume, the Pick-ups meet all your professional tasks, even the most extreme. 

We offer two types of pick-ups for short- or long-term rental: single cabin or double cabin in 4WD.

Rental Of Refrigerated Vehicles in Dubai

Rental of short & long-term refrigerated vehicles for companies in Casablanca and everywhere in Pickup Truck services in Dubai:
 It offers a rental service for refrigerated commercial vehicles of different volumes specially intended for professionals.

Restaurant owners, perishable food suppliers, fast food companies, collective catering company, food wholesalers, caterers, etc.,

Refrigerated Vehicle Rental:

  offers refrigerated vehicle rental solutions that meet all refrigeration requirements, and more generally all needs for transport in positive or negative cold, road + sector or single road.

Long Duration:

Our mastery of the constraints and specificities linked to the cold chain professions allows us to offer our customers the most suitable solution and to offer them specific fittings in commercial vehicles which optimize the load and facilitate handling.

Short Duration :

The transport of fresh and frozen products is a key issue for many companies in Pickup Truck services in Dubai. To meet your needs, we offer specific refrigeration facilities and we ensure the continuity of the cold chain for your food products and therefore ideal transport under controlled temperature, positive or negative cold, to keep all their freshness!

Single Cabin Pick-Up Rental in Dubai makes available to professionals located throughout Pickup Truck services in Dubai the possibility of renting a Pick-up in short-, medium- or long-term formula. 

Our rental offers include all-inclusive rental formulas:

Vehicle, All-risk insurance, vignette, Maintenance and repairs, replacement vehicle, Assistance…
For your professional activity, for all heavy and demanding tasks, or for classic use.

4×4 Double Cabin Pick-Up Rental in Dubai:

Thanks to their 4×4 transmissions, their double cabin interiors accommodating 05 passengers, as well as a large functional tipper, the 4WD double cabin Pick-Ups are at ease on rough tracks, asphalt or in town thanks to their latest technology. 

The 4×4 all-wheel drive transmission of the 4×4 double cabin pick-up will guarantee you great safety when the road becomes less passable. With its latest generation economical and powerful diesel engine, it will be the ideal vehicle for all your professional work on site.

 cabin pick up is an ideal choice combining versatility, loading capacity and comfort of use.

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