How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy

how to sell canva template on Etsy

Making money selling Canva Templates through Etsy is a great opportunity to earn passive income, or have money working for you! Why? because you only have to design and develop the templates once and after that, you are able to sell them as often as you like, with no limits!

You’ve probably heard of what an Canva template is because you’re trying to figure out how to market them, however in case your brand new to designing digitally, let us help learn what an Canva template can be and the best way you can sell these templates. Continue reading!

What Is a Canva Template?

Canva templates are Canva template is essentially the design that the Canva user has designed, and lets you edit it with ease. The design’s frame is already in place and you are able to get imaginative by changing the colors, fonts, and even the elements. A majority of people download designs from Canva for items such as labels, covers, eBooks, labels planner stickers and social media graphics and many more.

There are templates available on Canva to fulfill specific requirements but Canva also provides free templates. The free templates available on Canva are perfect for those who prefer to design simple designs. The professional version however is ideal If you’re looking to make use of the top design templates and more options and features.

The templates are available for download in the blink of an eye! Therefore, there’s no requirement by the designer after the purchase has been completed. There is no need to ship anything. Earn passive income while sitting in the privacy of your own home!

How Do You Sell Canva Templates on Etsy?

Step 1: Do complete Market Research and Product Validation

Most likely, you have conducted your market study. If not, you should start doing it before opening your first Etsy shop. Why? Because you want to make sure that the designs, you’re going to sell are that is marketable, something people would want to purchase.

Make your list of designs you’d like to sell. For example, you’d like to sell Canva designs for marketing on social networks in the Etsy shop. The collection of templates should comprise Instagram Stories as well as Post Templates, Facebook Post templates, Pinterest Pin templates, and the list goes on.

Did you make your list? The thing you should do is to open Etsy and type in the search field your key words and phrases, as well as the specific templates for marketing you have come up with in your list.

Before hitting just before hitting the Enter button, you’ll be able to see Etsy display all other keywords and phrases that are searched by customers. What do these numbers reveal? It’s a great sign that the items you have on your list are often looked up and bought on Etsy! This means that your items can be sold!

Step 2: Set Up Your Business Branding

It’s now time to start increasing traffic to the Etsy shop by establishing your own brand.

Develop a brand you “ideal customer” will be attracted to. This is a key aspect you need to think about when creating your branding.

For example, if you offer wedding invitation templates Your Etsy shop will draw diverse clients who will visit an Etsy shop that sells templates for presentations for educators who provide online classes for children. This is because your Etsy shop that sells wedding invitation templates could contain a more delicate hue and floral components and isn’t really that children will like, when compared to templates for presentation that feature colorful and lively colors, bold and big elements.

Step 3: Create Your First Canva Templates

Now, the excitement is about to begin! It’s time to make your very first Canva template that you can sell on Etsy. You’ll need access to an Canva Pro account in order to design templates can be sold on Etsy.

Why It’s Important to have a Canva Pro Account?

The reason behind this is that, without it you will not be able to send the download link given to your Etsy buyer once the purchase is confirmed. A shareable download link will ensure that your original design will not ever need to be modified, altered or altered by anyone else because it’s only a “copy” of your original design. There’s a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro. Canva Pro account. You might want to test it first to see if it performs for you.

Remember the fact that you are in violation of the terms of Canva’s agreement and usage policy to modify any existing Canva design that is shared by other users and then sell this design under the name of yours. Start with an empty template and starting beginning from scratch is the most effective method to avoid copyright violation.

Step 4: Set up Your Etsy Shop

After you’ve created your very first Canva templates (woohoo!) and the PDF file that you will deliver–this is the template’s document in which the template’s sharable link is stored — and have about 10 listings in place it’s time to create you Etsy shop!

Starting the doors to an Etsy shop is peas. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Register for an account for sellers using the email of your choice.
  • Follow the steps to enter your personal information including your bank account so you can be payed.
  • Add your first item to officially open your online shop.
  • From now on you can include your logo with your brand and shop banner to refresh your Etsy shop’s branding.

With a professionally-designed shop You can begin making your first Etsy sale! We hope that you find this article informative. Have fun selling!

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