How to register your new and used motorcycle in Dubai?

motorcycle registration renewal

New Motorcycle registration in Dubai:

If you are buying a motorcycle, the dealer will have you covered when it comes to the registration paperwork. However, that being said it is also true that you can take care of the first-time motorcycle registration renewal yourself, through the different RTA service centers or service providers.

Besides, the most important thing is that you will need the following documents if you want to register a motorcycle in Dubai:

  • Rental Contract in Dubai under your name
  • Valid Residence Visa issued from Dubai
  • Evidence of Employment in Dubai

Documents needed for new motorcycle registration renewal in Dubai:

Here are the documents that you need for a new motorcycle registration in Dubai:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Traffic File
  • Original Emirates ID
  • UAE customs card/possession certificate
  • Sale agreement between showroom and buyer (electronic or physical)
  • Vehicle Insurance that is valid for 6 months or more
  • Letter from the bank in case if the motorcycle has been financed

The moment these documents are in order, you can easily visit the RTA customer care centers or the Tasjeel, Wasel or Mumayaz Testing Centers. Afterwards, you should submit the mandatory documents, and pay the service fees. The whole process will usually take around 10 minutes in case if there are no outstanding fines.

Once you have paid the new motorcycle registration fees in Dubai, you will receive the vehicle license card with vehicle number plates as well as expiry stickers.

Besides, you should also keep in mind that the validity of vehicle registration in Dubai is specifically one year, after which it should be renewed again. 

Used motorcycle registration in Dubai:

Purchasing a second-hand motorcycle? The process of registering second-hand motorcycle in Dubai is slightly different and requires additional documents. If you are purchasing a second-hand motorcycle from an authorized dealership or motorcycle agency, usually, they will assist you with the process and you will only be required to hand over the necessary documents. However, if you are purchasing a second-hand motorcycle from elsewhere, these following steps will be required.

Bear in mind that the following process applies to those who are residing and working in Dubai, and purchasing a second-hand motorcycle previously registered in Dubai.

Documents needed for used motorcycle registration in Dubai:

If you want to register your second-hand motorcycle in Dubai, you will need the following documents:

  • Traffic File
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Original Emirates ID (Buyer and Seller)
  • Copy of Residence Visa (Buyer)
  • Copy of Passport (Buyer)
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate
  • Vehicle License / Mulkiya (Seller)

Once the technical inspection of the vehicle has been done at the Tasjeel or Shamil center and the mandatory documents are submitted, the ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to the buyer and then the registration process will take place. The new owner will receive expiry stickers as well as vehicle license in case of changed numbers once the service fees has been paid.

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