How To Prepare For The 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.x Exam?

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How To Prepare For The 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8. x Exam? This article will teach you about troubleshooting, preparation, and Cloud Pod Architecture. This will help you pass your Exam.


There are numerous VMware certification programs and exams, but none are more prestigious than the Professional VMware Horizon 8.x Exam PDF certification program. This may be your golden ticket if you’re considering a career in this field. The certification carries a solid pay grade and many benefits, including access to top-notch training and networking opportunities. It also opens the door to the latest and greatest products and services, such as Cloud Pod architecture, which helps virtualize desktops in the cloud to boot.

As you may know, obtaining a certification can be a process and a rite of passage. Fortunately, the pitfalls are few and far between as long as you’re willing to invest in the right tools. And you’ll be happy you did!

Cloud Pod Architecture

Certification as a VMware Professional is an excellent way to validate your virtualization and administration skills. This certification is recognized by employers as a testament to your experience and knowledge of key technical and business skills. The exams cover everything from installing and configuring VMware Horizon to troubleshooting and managing it. You can take your Exam from the comfort of your home through On VUE online proctoring.

Before you can get certified as a VMware professional, you will need to pass the VMware Horizon 8. x 2V0-51.21 Professional Cloud Pod Architecture exam. To prepare for the Exam, you will need to understand the basics of cloud pod architecture, which is the foundation for virtual desktops and applications. Once you have the basics, you can work on more advanced topics, such as multi-site deployment and disaster recovery.


The vSphere and Horizon 8 ecosystem provide an array of services, from modern best-in-class management and security to anywhere-anytime access and device connectivity. Hence, you will need some degree of troubleshooting knowledge to maintain your vSphere cluster and ensure that your VMware Horizon solutions perform at their best.

The VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administrator and Troubleshooting course are designed to help you develop these skills. It is a five-day combination course designed to provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exam questions With the completion of this course, you will be well-positioned to perform advanced administration and maintenance tasks related to your virtual desktop solution.

While most of the lessons in this course cover the basics, this is not a course for the faint of heart. As a result, the course includes a mix of lectures, hands-on labs, and exercises designed to help you master the concepts and technologies you will need to succeed in your virtual desktop deployment.

External sessions are disconnected after a random period.

After you have installed VMware Horizon, external sessions may start disconnecting after a certain period. This problem can be caused by the Connection Server, Unified Access Gateway, or firewall. To resolve this issue, you must check the video resolution and monitor the account and desktop pool settings.

You can configure a desktop pool to automatically log off a user when disconnected. The Desktop Session Timeout registry key controls the timeout value. Increasing the timeout number will not solve the issue.

You can use a local policy or GPO to change the timeout. By default, the session timeout is 600 minutes. However, if you need more than this, you can increase it.

There is also a UI timer. The UI timer is a tool that will disconnect the session if it has been idle for a specified time. It is different from the logoff timeout.


Getting a VMware certification opens the door to new opportunities. It can put you on par with other global leaders in the field, boosting your IT career. In addition, it will validate your skills and show potential employers that you are a valuable employee.

To get certified, you need to complete a VMware exam. The company has made its mark by offering multi-Cloud services and end-user computing and has a history of improving its certification program.

You can get a VMware certificate in several categories, including Cloud management and automation, networking, Data Center Virtualization, and Application Modernization. You can also get a certification based on your area of expertise. A VMware certification can open the doors to more career options and a better salary.

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