How to play Elf Surprise Jackpot online slot

Elf Surprise Jackpot has possessed a huge attraction, it must be said that any player who comes to the game will also admire the graphics and sound. In addition, the way to participate in the game is simple, the payout levels are attractive, so many players love it. Today vn88 website chinh thuc will tell you how to play Elf Surprise Jackpot slot.

Overview of Elf Surprise Jackpot slot

Elf Surprise Jackpot will have a total of 3×3 reels.

The number of winning lines for the whole game is 5

Elf Surprise Jackpot RTP rate will be 97.08%

The minimum and maximum bet amount of Vn88 players will depend on the currency in which they register to participate. For example, if the player has selected the currency as USD, each bet line will be 0.10 with 15 coins based on 5 straight lines. Then the total bet for each spin that the player has to pay will be $ 1.50.

Rules of the Elf Surprise Jackpot slot

Players need to choose the total bet for each spin by selecting the line bet value.

At the start of the game, the players will click on the Spin button.

After the reels have stopped, the displayed combination symbols will determine the payout as well as are visible on the paytable.

Players will check the total winnings on the winning field section.


Elf Surprise Jackpot slot is a game from the house of Gameplay Interactive. This game has extremely lovely graphics, the atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. Players will definitely be able to feel cozy, love the colors as well as full of joy when coming to Elf Surprise Jackpot. What are you waiting for without registering vn88 (vn88 dang ky nhan 50k

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