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Many Quran teachers think that sixty days is enough time for an individual to master reading Quran. The level of difficulty and the time required for a each day’s learning sessions can differ from one person to the next.

It is also important to note that learning to read Quran and remembering it are two distinct things. Hifz Quran will require more time, focus and would be dependent on your determination.

Perhaps one of the greatest difficulties in understanding the Quran and comprehending that is the language obstacle. Therefore, if you’re Arab then you naturally be able to comprehend the language, text, and the context of Quranic verses . However in the case of someone who has no experience in Arabic the Quranic verses are just a text that is difficult to comprehend.

It doesn’t mean you must have to be an Arab or even possess a solid grasp of Arabic language to master Quran reading. However, you’ll need assistance from a qualified Quran instructor.

How to Learn Reading Quran in 60 Days

You can study reading Quran on the internet by taking online Quran classes from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Quran Ayat Institute provides online Quran reading classes one-on-one over 60 days, both for children and adults. With the help of experts they will help you learn the basics of pronunciation and the rules of Arabic to learn to read Quran easily.

The online lessons will provide the complete pronunciation guide in case you are having issues when speaking Arabic. Furthermore, professional instructors will provide you with the fundamentals of learning the Quran and it will be enjoyable to take part in the live classes.

Reading Quran Course – Quran Ayat

It must be stated that studying Quran reading fundamentals online can be time-consuming and requires plenty of perseverance, dedication and dedication. You must therefore be prepared ahead of time for these qualities.

In order to aid Muslims to learn how to read Quran within 60 days, Quran Surat Waqiah teachers at Quran Ayat Institute have developed this step-by-step instruction:

1. Be Focused and Have All Learning Utilities

If you’re planning on reading Quran online, stay focused and ensure that you have the right tools. This includes your pen and notebook, as well as headphones that allow you to hear the pronunciation of a professional.

Write down the regulations and rules to be sure that you’re able to modify them at a later time while you practice studying on your own.

We at Quran Ayat Institute, we insist on adhering to the procedure of making notes. You must revise each daily lessons in order to reach the goal of progress.

2. Begin by Learning the Basis Arabic Language Rules

You’ll begin reading Quran with you when you have mastered the phonetics that are used to introduce you to Arabic.

In the beginning, you will learn about linking Arabic letters, and then how to separate them.

You will then have to master the important Quran Phonetics, Arabic Alphabet Diacritics, letters, Forms Vowels, Sukun, Shaddah, Madd and Madd Lengthening, Shaddah with Tanween, Laam rules, and Hamzatul Wasl rules when learning the pronunciation of Quran.

You are aware it is true that Arabic language has distinct rules that are not found with other dialects. Therefore, these rules will help you to establish the basics of reading both long and short Arabic sentences. In the end, you’ll be capable of reading the Quran effortlessly.

3. Learn Quran Recitation

It is essential to ensure that you begin your recitation of Quran by reading Noorani Qaida , or Noor Albayan.

The online course of 60 days at Quran Surat Al Fatihah Ayat Institute will allow you to understand the pronunciation of every word, the different ways to recite and verses’ meanings, the most significant aspects that are characteristic of Quranic written language, and eventually, reading the Quran with ease.

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