How to get Roblox genres back

Roblox genres

The game genres function was recently removed from Roblox’s platform, which has angered some game developers. It was simpler to find new games thanks to the genres feature, which let players look for them based on their tastes and interests. We’ll look at a few strategies for restoring the Roblox genres in this blog article.

Contact Roblox Support

Contacting the Roblox support team is one of the simplest methods to restore the genres feature. Roblox is renowned for having top-notch customer service, so they might be able to shed some light on why the feature was taken down and when it might be returning.

Visit the Roblox help website and open a support ticket to get in touch with Roblox support. Include as much information as you can, such as the specifics of your account, the hardware you’re using, and any error warnings you may have encountered.

Use Third-Party Tools

Although the function of the genre on Roblox’s platform has been removed, there are still third-party tools that can help you find new games based on your preferences. You can use these tools to find games based on a number of factors, such as genre, popularity, and ranking.

The Roblox Game Sorter, Roblox Genre Finder, and Roblox Genre Search are a few well-liked third-party Roblox utilities. These resources can assist you in finding new games to enjoy and unearthing undiscovered gems.

Create Your Own Genres

Making your own genres is another way to get the genres to function back on Roblox. This might take some imagination and work on your part, but it can be a great way to set your game apart from the competition and draw in a particular audience.

Think about your game’s themes and gameplay elements when developing your own genre. What kind of participants might be drawn to your game? What other titles do you think are like yours? You can develop a genre that perfectly captures your game’s subject and gameplay mechanics once you are aware of its distinctive features.

Utilize Hashtags

On Roblox, hashtags are a fantastic way to help players find your game. They don’t take the position of the genre’s feature, but they can increase the number of players who play your game and draw in players who are intrigued by its theme.

Simply add hashtags to the game’s summary or title to use them on Roblox. The hashtags #Roblox, #Gaming, and #Adventure are a few that are frequently used with Roblox activities. To draw in the right audience, be sure to select hashtags that correctly represent the theme and gameplay elements of your game.

Participate in Roblox Communities

Communities on Roblox are a great method to interact with other users and game developers there. You can share your game with others, get feedback on it, and remain up to date on the most recent Roblox news and trends by taking part in these communities.

The Roblox Developer Forum, the Roblox Discord service, and the Roblox subreddit are a few of the well-known Roblox communities. You can interact with other game developers and players who might be interested in your game by taking part in these communities.


There are still ways to find new games and draw players to your own game, even though the removal of the genres feature on Roblox may be upsetting for some game creators. You can make your game stick out and draw in more players by getting in touch with Roblox support, using third-party tools, developing your own genres, using hashtags, and taking part in Roblox communities. The Roblox team will ultimately decide whether or not to reinstate the genre’s feature, but in the interim, there is still a tonne of methods to draw attention to your game on the network.

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