How to Find Fake Air Jordan 1s

Fake Shoes

1. The Wings Logo

The wings logo is the first thing you should check for when buying a pair of AJ1. The original Air Jordan 1 had an engraved wing logo, and the fake ones have a flattened logo. The original one also has more precise engravings and a clearer look.

The lace bag is another way to spot a fake AJ1. The woven laces on an authentic Air Jordan 1 are compactly arranged whereas those on the fakes are pieced together haphazardly. The lace bag of a real AJ1 also has a clearer shape than the fake one.

Inspect the fonts of the details tag as well to find out if you are dealing with an authentic or fake pair of AJ1. Fake ones come with bigger fonts and the letters on the tm character are much thicker than those on the real ones. The red patch material also has more angularity on the real pair while the fake one is completely rounded with zero angularity. Visit Maxluxes for fake Ajs.

2. The Wings Logo on the Bottom

You don’t even have to open the box to spot a fake AJ 1. Just the structure and design alone is enough to give it away. The details tag is another key indicator of authenticity or fakery. Real AJ1s have a neatly crafted and structured details tag that is free of scratches and dents. On the other hand, fake ones have a sloppy and disorganized appearance. The fonts used in the details tag are also usually larger than those found on authentic shoes.

Inspecting the wings logo on the bottom is another quick way to check if an AJ1 is genuine or not. Authentic Jordan 1 wings logos come with thinner letters (except the “TM” character) than those on fake pairs. The fake wing logo also has zero angularity and is instead rounded. It is also much wider than the authentic one. The spacing between the wing fragments on a real pair is also compact, unlike the fake ones that have a lot of space between them.

3. The Wings Logo on the Back

One of the most important red flags to look out for is a fake AJ1’s stitching pattern. A real pair of AJ1s will have neat and symmetrical stitching that glows under the light. The gaps between the stitches should also be consistent.

Another thing to notice is that the stitching around the wing logo on the back of the shoe follows the shape of the logo and never comes into contact with it. This is why authentic AJ1s have a very distinctive look to them.

You can also tell if an AJ1 is fake by looking at the lace bag. Real lace bags are woven together in a compact way, whereas fake ones have a lot of air space. The lace bag on the fake shoes is also usually more sloppy than the authentic ones. This is a sure sign that you’re dealing with a fake pair of AJ1 sneakers.

4. The Wings Logo on the Inside

Fake AJ 1s have this wing logo on the inside that is different from the authentic pair. The real wing logo is engraved a bit deeper and has more of an angular shape than the fake one. The wing fragments on the real pair are also close together and compact whereas the fake ones have a more usual-that-normal spacing between them. Also notice how the text font on the details tag is fuzzier and has less angularity than the authentic one.

The fakes also usually have a bigger air space in their lace bag than the original ones do. Another telltale sign is the shape of the back-ankle region where the real pairs have a curve that is smoother than the fakes’ straighter edge. All of the above tips are quick red flags to watch out for when shopping for AJ1s. If you see that any of them are present, it’s best to walk away from the purchase.

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