How To compress an image to 50KB online forfree?

Have you ever wanted to compress an image, such as your company logo, before uploading it to your website? If so, you have likely run into two issues. First, you might not be sure where to do it or how to do it, but also even if you knew how to do it, you don’t want to pay the steep fees that come with paying file conversion and compressing services that are out there on the web today. This article will cover several ways in which you can compress your images yourself and all of them are free of charge! We will talk about one of the best image compression sites, so we recommend that you read the entire article, and you will benefit fully

1) Choose the picture you want to compress
If you already have a picture you want to save, you’ll need to select it from
your computer. You can then upload that image by clicking on Browse and
locating your picture on your computer. Select it, then click Upload Image.
Be sure that you have permission. This method can be done on a pc or
mobile phone. Our site works on all browsers

2) Go to the site
To compress an image to 50KB, you will go to this link This will confront you directly to the Section that compresses your image to 50KB Compressing your JPEG images can help to speed up the loading process of your website. Just upload your images to our online tool, and it will automatically compress them to 50kb or less. Compressing your images in this way will not affect their appearance or quality. Rather, the site will improve more than its quality

3) Site Features
Once you’ve got a nice, compressed file of your image, upload it onto a site that compresses images. One such site is ImageSprout, which will compress and store your file for up to one month (which should be sufficient if you plan on using it on social media or in an email). This site offers no feedback on its compression process—you can only see how much space was saved after uploading. If you want more control over how your image looks, however, try the site. You can use friendly versions of your photos that are smaller than their original size without losing any quality. When you click Compress Now! on either site, your original photo will remain intact while a copy with less resolution is stored online.
link: https://jpgtopngconverter.com/compress-jpeg-to-50kb/

4) what about the payment
The site features are all free, and you can choose what suits you without paying Therefore, we recommend it because it is one of the best sites to compress images and you should always use it .when you want to reduce your image size. The site features are all free, and you can choose what suits you without paying. It also provides a very fast service so that your website will not be affected by your actions. The site itself is very easy to navigate around as well as being able to find what you need quickly. Many guides help explain how everything works which means anyone can get started right away!

5) Does the site offer other features?
Of course, for example, Images converters:
You can convert from
Image compressors you can compress from
1- jpg compressor
2- png compressor
3- gif compressor

6) image optimizer

Many free tools can be used on this site, for example
1- Crop Images: This tool helps you to cut the image you want, adjust the image size or remove something in it, so it is very important and is also free
2- Crop into a circle: This tool helps you to cut the image in a circular way, which forms the image of the image. It can also adjust the size of the image and also this feature is free
3- Resize the image: This tool gives you enough space to re-adjust the image in a quick way and in any size you want, and also this feature is free, what a great site
4- Rotate the image: With this tool, you can rotate the image in any direction you want and also at any angle you want, and this tool is also free
5- zip creator: This tool can put some images inside a zip file, and this feature is completely free.
6- website screenshot: This tool can also take a screenshot of a site and then reset the image and everything you want to enter on the site is great

There are a lot of ways that you can use to compress images. Some of these methods will reduce the file size by approximately 20% or even more. You could also run your images through some online optimizers or use web-based tools, like this site, which are designed specifically with compression in mind. For example, if you have a single large file that’s 500 KB in size, using one of these tools may be able to shrink it down to around 300 KB. That’s not bad at all! If you have multiple files that need compressing, there is no shortage of software options available on both Mac and Windows platforms. You can even find web services, such as this site, which will automatically resize your images and then optimize them, all in one go. If you have a lot of files that need compressing, automation is definitely worth looking into. Really, this site offers a lot of free features

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