How to choose a dining table?  

How to choose a dining table?

How to choose the most suitable dining table?

How to choose a suitable dining table? There is a Chinese idiom to describe a woman’s beauty, “beautiful and delicious.” In the same way, if the dining table is selected properly, it can also arouse people’s appetite to achieve the same effect. So, how should we choose a dining table?

The dining table is not only a place to put dishes when eating, but also an important bridge for the family to communicate and exchange feelings. How to choose a dining table is also very particular. We should choose different tables according to the different layouts of the restaurant. At this time, how to choose a dining table is particularly important.Personally, I think a good dining table is measured from two aspects, one is the quality, and the other is whether it is suitable. The dining table on the market is made of solid wood, tempered glass, marble and other raw materials. How to choose a dining table should be carefully considered in a comprehensive manner.you can also view at dunelm discount code nhs.

Regarding the question of how to choose a dining table, we can consider and choose from three aspects: the material of the dining table, the suitability, and the matching of the dining table.

  1. Material of the dining table: In terms of material, the wooden dining table that has been polished by high technology should be selected, which is both friendly and environmentally friendly. It has a natural atmosphere and is conducive to the absorption of the human body. The dining table is a place where the whole family gathers, eats, drinks tea, and chats, so wood with a warm atmosphere is closer to people.
  2. The suitability of the dining table: Some beautiful dining tables are not satisfactory when sitting up, which may be because the design of the dining table does not conform to the ergonomic design. When choosing a dining table, be sure to try to sit, pay attention to the best height of the table from the ground at 70-74 cm; the distance between the seat cushion of the chair and the lowest part of the table board is at least 27-31 cm; the space for people to move on the dining table needs about 60 cm, and the dining table Don’t be too narrow; the tabletop should be at least 75cm wide.
  3. The matching of the dining table: The dining table should choose the style corresponding to the decoration style of the living room. If the room is luxurious, you should choose the classical European style; if the room is simple, you can choose the modern minimalist style with glass countertops.
  4. The shape of the dining table has a certain influence on the atmosphere of the home. Generally speaking, the round or square table is suitable when the family population is small; the oval or rectangular table is suitable when the population is large; as for the irregular table, it is more suitable for two people to use in a small world.

Dining table buying guide

  • Dining tables are used in every family, and there are quite a few types of dining tables. According to the material, they include wooden dining tables, marble dining tables, jade dining tables, steel dining tables, etc.; Shaped and irregular dining tables. The choice of dining table can be flexibly changed according to personal preferences, home style and use area. The following editor will tell you a guide to buying a dining table. You can visit at wayfair discount code nhs
  • For families with a dining room layout, before choosing a dining table, it is necessary to measure the appropriate dining area, and design the upper and lower limits of the dining table size so that you will not buy a dining table with inconsistent sizes. In the face of high housing prices, many families do not have a separate dining room area. When dining, a folding dining table is placed in the living room or kitchen. After the meal is folded and folded, it will not affect the dining mood and space usage. Folding dining table It is not a panacea. Before purchasing, you should also choose according to the dining area and the number of people dining. Some families simply choose the coffee table in the living room or the desk in the study instead of the dining table, so the multi-functional dining table is also a consumption trend. One table is multi-purpose and saves space.
  • The large dining room is equipped with a large dining table, which can accommodate three generations of grandparents and grandchildren to dine and share the joy of a family; the small dining room is a lover’s table, and the young couples have a lot of love for you and me; the round dining table for a family has a more round atmosphere, and the banquet is rectangular for guests and friends. The dining table is more elegant and pompous, young people advocate non-mainstream, and the irregular dining table is more interesting.
  • Different decoration styles should be matched with different styles and materials of dining tables. The luxurious decoration style is the best match for the European court dining table. The Chinese retro style is the best match for the wooden dark dining table. The simple decoration can be matched with a single-layer glass countertop. The pastoral decoration and the dining table are combined with some small floral fabrics.
  • After buying the dining table, you need to pay more attention to the maintenance. The solid wood dining table has a natural pattern, and the high-end atmosphere is very popular. If you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, it is easy to destroy the original taste. Place it in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity. The solid wood dining table can breathe freely. Use mild detergent in time Clean, often new. The glass table is easy to clean with liquid and easy to wipe flowers, dry and wet two meals, maintenance and waxing, more beautiful. You can also check the offers at ikea discount code nhs
  • The above is the table selection guide introduced by Xiaobian to you. A suitable table can make your meal more comfortable and comfortable.

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