How to Become CA after 12th Science?

How to become a CA After class 12 science

It is a common notion that only a commerce student can pursue the Chartered Accountancy course since it is an accounting course. However, if you are a science student willing to switch your career and start a profession in this lucrative career option, then you can also do the CA Course.

If you’re also wondering how to become CA after 12th science, then check this complete article. Here, you’ll know the detailed procedure to become Chartered Accountant with all the required information as a beginner.

This article is written by the VSI team to help science students in clearing all their doubts about CA. VSI Jaipur is the best CA Institute in India that has given excellent results at all levels. 

How To Become CA After 12th Science?

To become a Chartered Accountant after 12th science, you must pass 3 exams and complete the mandatory three years of articleship training. Moreover, ICAI makes no distinction between commerce and science students. Further, the requirements for registration in the examination are the same for both candidates. 

Typically, science students are unfamiliar with commerce courses and find the CA Course challenges. This course is not challenging for science students since they are adept at solving practical problems, which is an essential skill for CAs.

1. CA Foundation Registration & Clearing the Exam

So if you have completed your class 12th science board or are still in the 12th, you are eligible to register for the Foundation level. However, you must clear the 12th board to appear for the exam. Now, let’s move to the course content.

The difficulty for science students is to master Accounting since it is the fundamental topic of CA. Moreover, you cannot advance unless you thoroughly understand Accounting, which is a crucial step in the journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant. No matter what, a good CA Foundation coaching will help you to clear the exam whether you are from Science or commerce. 

Further, the Foundation course needs you to score at least 40% in each topic and 50% in all subjects. Hence, you must study each subject thoroughly.

2. Clearing Both Groups Of CA Intermediate

The next step is clearing both groups of the Intermediate level. There are two options for enrolling in the CA Intermediate course. After passing the CA Foundation examinations, the foundation route is the first. The second is via the Direct-entry route for graduates. 

In the direct entry path, graduates from any discipline may enrol straight for the Intermediate course without first taking the Foundation examinations. However, graduates and post-graduates in the field of Science must get at least 60% on their graduation examinations. In our case, you need to go with the first option.

There are eight papers in this level categorized into Group A and B. To pass the CA Inter groups, you must score at least 40% on each paper and 50% in total. To advance to the final level, you must pass both groups.

Further, the students must complete four weeks of IT training apart from meeting the other criteria. 

3. Completing The Articleship Training

After passing any group of the Intermediate examinations, you are eligible to enrol in the Articleship training.

The three years of articleship training will present you with a great deal of practical work performed by chartered accountants. Further, students are entitled to take the CA Final examinations after 2.5 years of articleship.

4. Clear Both Groups of CA Final

The ICAI Final exams are the most difficult portion of the Chartered Accountant curriculum. The ICAI desires you to be well-versed in all course topics. To register for the Final examinations, the student must clear both groups of the Intermediate course. The structure of the CA Final examination combines subjective and objective questions, and every paper is worth 100 marks.

To pass the final examinations, you must get a 40% average in each topic and a 50% aggregate average. Two months after the final test, ICAI will release the results. So after clearing both examinations and fulfilling three years of practical training, involving four weeks of AICITSS, you will receive the ICAI membership. 

So this is the procedure on how to become CA after having science in class 12th. Now, let us check which is the best institute to join for CA coaching. 

How Many Years does it take To Become A CA?

To become a CA, you need 5 years through the CA Foundation route. In addition, this might take students at least 4.5 years to complete the direct entrance route. Yet the duration may extend based on the attempts a student makes to pass the CA examinations.

The Best Coaching For CA In India

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If you are considering becoming a Chartered Accountant, then your performance will rely largely on your study and the quality of your coaching. After registering for CA Foundation, you must next join a good Coaching.

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  • VSI students have got AIR 1 seven times in the previous ten years.
  • The institution includes separate classes for students of Hindi and English mediums.
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  • VSI delivers offline and online lectures, mock exam series on a regular basis, and individual mentoring to help students perform better.
  • The course completion is always on time. 

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The journey to becoming CA is not easy. Yet, with proper guidance, effort, and coaching, you will clear the exam. Join VSI Jaipur today. 

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