How Much does it Cost to Rent a Moving Truck?

If you plan to move with the help of a few relatives, you will probably need to rent a moving truck. But you wonder how much the rental of the truck will cost you? To get a clear idea of ​​the price to pay, you must start by precisely defining your needs: type of truck and volume, equipment, formula and rental period, etc. You can then look for a rental company offering rentals adapted to your needs and obtain prices. But what are the formulas offered and the criteria that influence the price? And how to reduce costs? The Gentlemen of the move help you to see clearly the offers for renting a moving truck and the costs to be expected.

The Essential Criteria For Choosing A Moving Truck

Above all, the price of a truck rental depends on the type of vehicle you are going to choose and its size. The greater the capacity of the vehicle, the more expensive the rental. The presence of specific equipment can also change the price.

Storage Capacity

To choose a moving truck to rent, you must first estimate the volume of your furniture and boxes to be transported. When you have an estimated value, you can choose a truck that suits your needs.

Inside And Outside Dimensions

In some cases, you will also need to consider the interior and exterior dimensions of the truck. If you have bulky furniture or an imposing fridge that should not normally be laid down during transport, you will need to check that the height or length of the trunk is sufficient. Also pay attention to the external dimensions of the truck which can be problematic when access to the accommodation is limited: narrow streets, obstacles at height, etc.

Possible Equipment

Some rental trucks are sometimes equipped with a tailgate or a lifting platform. It is very practical for loading heavy and bulky objects such as a washing machine, or even a refrigerator. Don’t hesitate to ask for it and compare rental prices to make sure it’s worth it.

The Different Formulas for Renting A Truck For A Move

The cost of a truck rental also varies according to the rental formulas offered and the rental period. You have the choice between several formulas: round trip or one way, by the hour, half day or day, with or without a driver.

Round-Trip Or One-Way Rental

With a return rental, the truck must be returned precisely to the location where you rented it. This formula is therefore more suitable when the distance between the places of departure and arrival is reduced. For long distances, it is often more advantageous to request a one-way formula, even if the rental is more expensive. This will save you from wasting time and money on an empty trip to return the truck.

Who Can Rent A Moving Truck To? 

While vehicle rental companies and large retailers mainly offer rentals without a driver, movers are more positioned on rental offers for a truck with a driver. The formulas for renting a moving truck are most often round trip in mass distribution. For a one-way formula, you should rather turn to a vehicle rental company or a mover.

What Are The Factors That Influence The Rental Price of A Moving Truck?

The price of a rental truck, therefore, depends above all on your needs. Be aware, however, that the rental period has an important influence on the price. A weekday rental is generally less expensive than a weekend when demand is higher. In the same way, the summer vacation period is a period during which rental prices are higher. This is a determining element to take into account if you want to reduce the costs of your rental of a truck for a move. To save money, you can also sort through your belongings before moving: it will always be good not to move.

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