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How many pixels does the computer set A4 paper size


How many pixels is the computer setting A4 paper size? Please see my detailed introduction below


  • Lenovo Y7000
  • Windows11
  • PS2020


  1. Enter the PS page, click New
  2. Enter the page, click PS
  3. Enter the page, you can view the pixel size. [Width: 210 mm, Height: 297 mm, Resolution 300] This is the size of A4


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Which simulator is needed to play paper wedding dress on computer

In this issue, I will share which simulator is needed to play a paper wedding dress on the computer. Interested friends, let’s take a look. Amazon Discount Code NHS

  • acerTMTX50
  • Windows10
  • WeChat PC version 1.5.6


  • Just play with WeChat, no emulator needed. Log in to WeChat on your computer, and then open the WeChat applet.
  • On the applet interface, click Games.
  • Go to the game loading page.
  • After the game is loaded, click Enter to play the game on the computer.

How to play paper wedding dress on computer

In this issue, I will share how to play a paper wedding dress on the computer. Interested friends, let’s take a look.

  1. Log in to WeChat on the computer, open the mini program on WeChat, and click on the game.
  2. Check the notes and click OK
  3. You can open the game on your computer and click to enter.
  4. You can enter the game interface, click continue to play the game.

How to set up computer sticky notes, Win10 computer sticky notes

If you use the desktop version of Jingye Sticky Notes widget on a win10 computer, you can refer to the following graphic steps to add notes and reminders that need to be memorized.

  • computer
  • Dedicated sign
  1. Open the Jingye sticky note on the Windows computer, and click the Add Jingye note button at the top of the note;
  2. After starting the text editing box, record the content in it, click the clock icon in the lower left corner of the editing box to open the reminder setting window, and add the time of regular reminder;
  3. After completing the recording of the note content and adding the reminder time, click the √ button in the lower right corner of the edit box to save it.

How to set delete reminder for computer sticky notes

There are many tools on the computer that can be used to set regular reminders for work events, such as desktop sticky notes. When a to-do event recorded in the desktop sticky note does not need to be reminded, how should I delete the reminder while retaining the recorded event? Woolen clothIn this experience, the editor will take the desktop sticky notes specially designed for business office families as an example to demonstrate how to set deletion reminders on computer sticky notes while retaining the memo events

  • computer
  • Dedicated sign
  1. Open the desktop sticky note on the computer, enter the sticky note program window, and confirm the timed reminder event that needs to be deleted
  2. Right-click the reminder time below the scheduled reminder event, and find the clear time item in the pop-up operation options;
  3. Click Clear Time to delete the reminder time of the sticky note, while retaining the recorded memos.

Computer sticky notes, how to display sticky notes on the computer homepage

Some office workers are accustomed to using paper sticky notes, which are convenient for handwriting. After the things recorded on the sticky notes are completed, they can also be easily torn off and discarded, and the completed work plans can be emptied. When there are no paper sticky notes at hand When you need to use sticky notes to write things down, or simply want to use sticky notes gadgets on your computer, how should you set up sticky notes on the desktop? How can I display sticky notes on the computer homepage?

In this experience, I will share with you the solution to this problem, and demonstrate to you how to install the sticky note gadget on the computer and how to set the sticky note to be displayed on the computer homepage. eBay Discount Code NHS

  • computer
  • dedicated sticky notes
  1. First, you can open the sticky note on the computer desktop to enter the main interface of the sticky note;
  2. Find the Add Dedicated Note button at the top to start the text editing box, and record the content of the note that needs to be memorized in the note. After recording the content of the note, click the “√” button in the lower right corner of the text editing box to save the note.
  3. Click the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the program to open the system settings window, and find the “Window on Top” item in the basic settings. After checking the window on top, you can successfully set the homepage to display sticky notes. When you open other pages on the computer to handle work tasks, the sticky notes will not. It will be covered and hidden, and will always be displayed in front of the computer desktop screen, so that you can check the notes in the sticky notes at any time.

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