How Get Korrect is the Best Alternative to Canny?

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Startups searching for a less expensive and simpler to use Canny alternative must surely check out Korrect. 

At a cost that all entrepreneurs can afford, Korrect is made to be easy to use, straightforward, and to provide the quickest way to gather customer input and engage with them.

In addition, even though Korrect and Canny function in a manner that is fairly similar, Korrect is superior for lean companies that don’t require a platform with enterprise-grade functionality.

Korrect VS Canny: Checking out the Similarities 

The services that Korrect and Canny provide are quite similar. Both programmes are designed to aid companies in gathering and acting on customer input during the product development process.

You may design forums where your clients can publish suggestions or feature requests, as well as vote on and comment on earlier postings.

Both a link to the board itself and an integrated widget on your app or website are options for users to submit comments.

To let people know which features are coming soon, you may create a public roadmap using the user input you’ve gathered.

A changelog may be used to wrap up the process by reporting new updates, modifications, or problem fixes. It can also be used to notify users through email when a feature that they suggested or remarked on is released.

Korrect VS Canny: Differences 

As we’ve already discussed, Korrect and Canny share a lot of similarities. Where then are the two platforms different?

Fast-growing startups, SaaS companies, and consumer web apps are Korrect’s target market. Giving people the functionality they require without adding unnecessary complexity is the main goal. Pricing is flat, adaptable, predictable, and it won’t change as you grow.

For larger companies or as an enterprise tool, Canny is more appropriate. More features allow flexibility to interface with current tools, but they can add complexity. Their price structure is cumbersome and leaves little room for growth for SaaS companies and growing startups as regular customers.

The target market for each tool is where the primary distinctions lie. Korrect is appropriate for companies of all sizes, but especially for lean, developing startups. As you develop and utilize the product more, the cost structure guarantees to remain stable.

Why is Korrect the Best Alternative to Canny? 

For entrepreneurs looking for a straightforward feedback collecting solution without unnecessary features, Korrect is a superior option than Canny.

In comparison to other feedback platforms available on the market, our clients find Korrect to be easier to set up and require less training.

Additionally, Korrect provides flat-rate pricing that is both reasonable and expandable, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later on when you find you need more from the service.

Here are the reasons  Korrect is the top Canny substitute right now:

Simple and easy to use 

One feature in particular that Korrect users love is how easy and straightforward it is to use.

With Korrect, setting up a feedback board and beginning to gather insightful data from your consumers simply takes a few minutes. Lean companies, which lack the time and mental space to begin learning a complicated piece of software, are the ideal candidates for it.

Lower Resistance for End Users

The more users that contribute their thoughts, comment, and vote on the roadmap and feedback board, the more useful Korrect is as a tool. We have concentrated on lowering the friction for your own users as much as possible since we want you to receive the most value and user engagement.

Users no longer need to create a second login for Canny, which is advantageous. It lessens friction but does not completely remove it.  Korrect takes a step farther and almost eliminates friction.

Nothing on Korrect requires your users to sign in or register. They only need to fill out the feedback form with their name and email. Without creating an account, users can cast anonymous votes on topics on the Roadmap and Feedback Board!

Wherever feasible, Korrect reduces obstacles to user engagement. More value for them and your company results from this.

Scalable, Transparent, and Flat Pricing Model

Korrect provides flat, clear, and reasonable pricing. It  provides access for three team members, limitless boards, and nearly all of Korrect features.

This contains everything you require to utilise Korrect efficiently, such as feedback boards, a roadmap, changelog, automated email follow-ups, embeddable website/app widgets, custom domains, custom CSS, and custom statuses.

Affordably Priced both now and in the future

Many expanding firms are unable to afford to pay $400 per month for a feedback gathering platform. You will thus always be constrained by what the free plan offers.

Alternatively, whenever you require additional features, you’ll move from the free Canny plan to another solution, like Korrect. Transferring your current feedback boards, roadmap, changelog, and other resources to the new tool entails a lot of labour and pain.

Although Korrect is not free. However, it has the important advantage that as you develop, you won’t have to worry about outgrowing the tool.

Try Korrect Today- Best Alternative to the Canny 

You shouldn’t need to acquire knowledge of yet another tool when korrect is their. It is best canny alternative. With the ideal number of functions, Korrect is exceedingly simple to use and quick to set up.

Korrect is one of the most ideal tool for you if you’re looking for something straightforward with all the essential capabilities to gather consumer input, organize it and prioritize it according to votes, and publish a public roadmap and changelog.

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