How Do Rudraksha Lovers Energies Rudraksha?

Rudraksha Lovers - Group of Shiv Bhakt

Rudraksha Lovers are one of the known rudraksha sellers, and at your request, we asked them about their rudraksha activation process. 

They had already gained the trust of more than 2,500 people and had a very positive image, so let us know what is the most attractive and special thing about them.

Rudraksha Lovers Processes of Energising Rudraksha

There are 3 steps followed by them and they do it with every single rudraksha free of cost, their methods are,

  1. Cleaning Process
  2. Ghee process
  3. Purn Prana Prathista process

And then they deliver rudraksha to the customer, let us know more about it.

Rudraksha Cleaning Process Done By Rudraksha Lovers 

They first remove all the dust and put the rudraksha in hot water for 2 minutes, then clean it with a cloth.

 It removes the unneeded part and in this process, they find if is there any crack in the rudraksha or not, they also check it properly and then send it for the next step.

 All the broken Rudraksha are sent to Haridwar and then thrown into Ganga

Rudraksha Activation Process Done By Rudraksha Lovers 

Next step is to activate rudraksha power and give it a protective layer which is done by the following steps

  • They put rudraksha into pure cow ghee for the next 24 hours.
  • Then clean it with a towel and put rudraksha in cow’s fat milk for another 24 hours. 

Benefits of the Activation Process

  1. It prevents rudraksha from fungus and dust.
  2. It makes a protective layer around rudraksha which prevents it from black magic and negative energies.
  3. Rudraksha didn’t get black.
  4. Rudraksha maintains its energy for a long time.
  5. Rudraksha works more beneficially.

Rudraksha Purn Prana Prathista Process Done By Rudraksha Lovers

Rudraksha Lovers first follow the two steps, and then they give you two options. The first one is free for everyone, so they activate and energize the rudraksha by doing japa with it 108 times, which gives it a small power base, but in the second option, you have to ask for it in consultation and you have to pay ₹5,100 for it as they energize it 11,000 times.


A bulb with a power of 100 watts will glow for less time, whereas a bulb with a power of 11000 watts will glow better and longer, and this is as simple as the Purn Prana prathista process. Rudraksha already has power, but to enhance it, they use the Purn Prana prathista process, and the simple process gives it power for a shorter time, whereas the advanced process gives it energy for a longer time and works superfast on your problems.

Rudraksha Lovers’ Perspective Towards Market 

After consulting with their rudraksha experts, we called Pandit Ram Das ji and asked why he was providing so many features; was he doing it for profit? 

He answered that “I established Rudraksha Lovers so people can trust someone because most of the rudraksha sellers are selling fake rudraksha or any damaged rudraksha, which harms people’s trust, and to gain that trust and increase Shiva devotees, I am selling rudraksha at a genuine price with these options.”

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