How can I get an IELTS 7.5 IELTS?


If you know of people who would like to take the IELTS international test in English, my experience as a self-study instructor could be helpful for those who are taking the test. Given that, in the beginning, my knowledge in the field was nearly nothing (more than ten years have passed since I was in school). I prepared utterly on my own (not including a few Skype lessons at the beginning), and I believe the score that I scored 7.5 from 9 marks to be satisfactory.

I’m not claiming to be an expert. I’m simply sharing my experiences.

I will not discuss the various types of IELTS Pakistan tests, their distinctions, and the parts that comprise the test, as there is much information about it on the Internet. I’m just trying to encourage you to give up and give it a go. It’s much simpler than you imagine on the surface.

What exactly was it that took place?


A half-hour per day, five times per week. It is a fact in all aspects of living.

Materials for preparation

All of it is accessible on the Internet. There are a variety of sources! I was initially a fool and bought expensive prints to prepare. And then I discovered them on a well-known social media site.) But, in the end, I did not use any of them! More useful are the numerous websites that offer free online simulators for every part of the test.

Self-discipline and Regular practice

It is crucial, and I did not immediately get to her. However, in the end, I would sit down and do at least one portion. The most challenging part was speaking (because nobody heard me, and I could not rectify my errors). This is why I received the lowest score for his test (6.5). Also, it was not easy to write – I did not complete the time allotted for two pieces of writing (250 and 150 characters throughout the entire hour). In addition, writing must be done with your hands – write it starting from the beginning. There are no printed documents that allow you to erase all and write it and write it down again. Paper, only hardcore! I printed off official answers for myself and completed my essays directly on the sheets. It’s simple, and you won’t be distracted by organizational nitpicks when you take the test. And it’s what’s most crucial your practice should be consistent!

Continually expand your vocabulary.

Each day I wrote down a couple of different words and made a copy of the entire dictionary daily. After the study, the dictionary contained more than 2000 terms (!) And I recited the words for around an hour) But it’s well worth it because, in my opinion, it’s a rich dictionary, and it is not the grammar and even pronunciation that are essential to a successful exam for delivery. Recognizing numerous synonyms, words that are not standard, and linking words and complicated phrases gave me a good score in OET Pakistan. This is because I did not learn grammar in any way (!)

Learn to read English literature and take a look at their television

In my instance, I’m listening to “Lord of the Rings” (my favorite book) in the original language and the BBC channel in the background while doing household chores. It is indeed my daily source of new vocabulary. Then one day, I was shocked to discover that I could understand 99 percent of the speech by BBC, and there is nothing to record in the dictionary. )))) In addition, the Listening section gave me the most impressive score of all the departments – 8.5 (!) This means my understanding of foreign languages is as good as that of a native speaker. In this respect, I can affirm that watching regular news and exciting programming in English is a highly efficient method. Additionally, I saw serials and films, but not as frequently (it didn’t work).

What was the thing that did not help me?


At first, I was looking to learn not on my own but with a tutor. I decided to learn on Skype. I changed three teachers. The first one was at a well-known and well-known online school for foreign languages (I won’t reveal which one), :)), but she didn’t know how to pronounce seemingly elementary terms like “nest,” “carrot,” and the like in English. A slight deviation from the program was displayed on the screen; the next thing she knew, she was in a stupor. After a few lessons, I said goodbye to the teacher and began investigating the other teachers. The teacher I chose is a man in his 20s with many letters. He’s an experienced teacher of English systematic, constant all seems as if it’s in place. However, it was just a personal preference to me.

I don’t believe it was an issue with him, and likely many students are like the teacher, but I felt uncomfortable speaking to him. The third woman turned out to be very pleasant to talk to. She was a resident of Canada for many years and was able to speak English superiorly to the first two. However, even here, there was a “BUT” in the fact that she wasn’t an instructor, which means she didn’t use any particular method for giving information. Each lesson looked like a casual conversation about various topics.

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