How Accurate is Online Kundali Matching by Software?

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Kundali Milan is the Vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage. In Hindu societies, especially in India, where arranged marriages are common, Kundli Milan is the most important factor taken into consideration while moving ahead with a marriage proposal. The practice of Kundali Milan dates back to ancient times when marriages were not just a matter of two hearts coming together but families and clans coming together.

It was done to ensure that the bride and groom were compatible with each other and would be able to lead a happy life together. Nowadays, with the help of online kundali matching, people can know about their compatibility with a potential partner before getting married. But the question still remains – how accurate is online kundali matching? Should we believe in it or not?

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali matching, also known as horoscope matching, is the process of comparing the birth charts of two individuals to determine if they are compatible with each other. The results of the Kundali match can either be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the planets and their positions in the individual’s birth chart.

There are a number of factors that are considered during Kundali matching, such as the placement of the planet Moon in both charts, the position of other planets in both charts, and the overall compatibility between the two charts. In order for a Kundli match to be positive, all of these factors must be taken into consideration and found to be compatible with each other.

Online Kundli matching is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are turning to the internet for help in finding a compatible partner. There are a number of websites that offer this service, and it is important to remember that not all of them are equally reliable. Before making any decisions about whether or not to believe in online Kundali matching, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are using a reputable source.

The Significance of Kundali Matching

In India, Kundli matching is considered to be a very important part of the marriage process. It is said that the compatibility between the bride and groom’s Kundalis can help determine whether their marriage will be a happy and prosperous one.

There are many factors that are taken into account when doing a Kundali match. Some of these include the guna Milan, which looks at the compatibility of the couple’s horoscopes; the Manglik check, which determines whether or not one of the partners is Manglik (afflicted by Mars); and the Nadi test, which looks at the couple’s compatibility based on their birth stars.

While online Kundali matching services can be helpful in giving you an idea of how compatible you and your partner may be, it is always best to consult with an experienced online astrologer before making any final decisions.

How Accurate is Online Kundali Matching?

  • In online kundali matching, the accuracy depends on various factors like the quality of software, input data, etc. Kundalis are matched on the basis of eight aspects which are known as ‘Kuta’. The Kuta method is used to find out the compatibility of two people for marriage.
  • Each Kuta has a certain weightage and the total weightage of all Kutas is 36. The higher the total weightage, the more compatible the two people are considered to be. The maximum possible score that can be achieved is 36 and the minimum possible score is 0.
  • The accuracy of online Kundali matching can be affected by a number of factors
  • The quality of software: There are many free as well as paid Kundali matching software available online. The paid ones usually offer more accurate results as they use better algorithms and data.
    The input data: The accuracy of online Kundali matching also depends on the quality and accuracy of the birth details (date, time, and place) provided by the users. If there are any errors in these details, it can lead to inaccurate results.
  • The astrologer: Even with good software and accurate data, the final result can still vary depending on the expertise of the astrologer who is interpreting the Kundali.

An important tool or software to help determine one’s future is a love Kundali match. This is a chart or map that shows the exact positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. It also includes vital astrological factors. It is important to take into account the online Kundali match. Vedic Astrology was used to chart the sky, while the Chinese used the 12 zodiac signs to find one’s place in heaven.


Online Patrika matching kundalini horoscopes can be used for assessing your personal strengths, weaknesses, and the ups or downs of your family and personal life events. You can use this powerful astrology map to find out if you’re happy, healthy, and successful. Important things are:

  • Janam Kundali
  • Marriage Kundli
  • Health horoscope
  • Marriage horoscope

Your horoscopes can provide a wealth of information about your marital life. If your spouse just announced that they are getting married you can use a Janam Kundali Online Horoscope to get an idea of what might happen in your marriage.

A created Kundali online chart is traditionally drawn by someone who has been initiated into the practice of Vedic Astrology. Today, many astrologers help clients use the Kundli charts to better understand their astrological chart. The bundled chart is an inherited gift that every person has, but many people lose it over time.

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