Tips To Get Rid of Honey Bees in Dubai

Some Information about honey Bees

Bees are very important for our natural eco system. According to international data Bee hives population reducing yearly. Honey Bees are also responsible of Honey business in Dubai, That’s why Government guided strict regarding honey bees to Pest Control of Dubai. So be careful if you want remove bee hive. There are some humanly methods to get safe yourself and your family from honey Bees.

But when they live near your home or office and you feel unsafe then you can take matter on your hand. They make noise when they enter your home and we know how you become worry about your kids. Here are tips and methods to safely remove honey bees:

Why it’s important to keep safe your family from Honey Bees

You or your family member maybe allergic to the bees. Bees can damage your household items. Also bees are known for stings which can give you pain. There are many reasons that you want to get rid of bees but if you see bee hive near your home then you should not try to get off by yourself. You should contact with professional bee keepers and professional pest control service. There are some tips that can keep away bees from your home.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective natural remedy to keep away bees from your property. You need to wear safety clothes to prevent from stings. First of all you need a spray bottle and put vinegar and water equally. And spray into bee hive at night.

Trapping Honey bees Nest

Trapping is a terrific alternative if you want to adopt ecologically friendly practices, but it might be hazardous. This technique involves covering the beehive with tarps and surrounding it on all sides with heavy objects (such as bricks or stones). Use this technique at night when most (or all) of the bees are inside their hive for efficient outcomes. You must take safety precautions when using this approach, including donning dark clothing, hand gloves, helmets, and other gear.

Cinnamon Trap

Do you adore cinnamon cake’s flavor? In addition to its flavor and aroma, cinnamon is the finest way to keep bees away. To scare away bees, scatter some cinnamon about the regions where they frequently fly in and out. It will undoubtedly have a long-lasting effect if you do it for a week.


The smartest and safest course of action is to call a beekeeper since honeybee colonies are under danger. They are experts who take the bees away without injuring or killing them. The majority of families in Dubai have chosen this as their vocation. Therefore, call beekeepers who will raise these bees if you have tried everything to keep bees away from your home but are still having no luck. But make sure you exercise caution and follow instructions correctly.

Contact the experts

If you’ve tried every natural means to keep bees away but are still having trouble, it’s time to call in the experts. Beehives can occasionally be difficult to locate, and you might not have all the necessary equipment and tools to dismantle the nest safely. Spraying insecticides on your own carries significant danger. However, you may get in touch with experts who can come in and get rid of the nest and bees for you.

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