Health Benefits of CBD Oils for Students

Health Benefits of CBD Oils for Students

Student life is notorious for being challenging and stressful. In many countries, exam stress and unsettling expectations of grades lead some students to suicide.

A plethora of students suffer from unidentified depression and chronic anxiety. There is a dire need for a safe, student-friendly, and effective product that caters to the emotional needs of the students.

When talking of emotional balance and depression-combating effects, CBD oils perfectly fit the bill. If you’re new to CBD oils, head over to: for a general introduction to CBD oils.

If you are a student and want to know how CBD oils can help you perform better, this is the right place for you. Keep reading to dive deep into this topic:

Relieve Pre-Exam Anxiety

Students are more likely to fall prey to anxiety because of the fast-paced study environment and overload of academic assessments at hand. You can work on your anxiety in several ways.

If you are feeling anxious, deep breathing can help you feel relaxed. However, the anxiety before the exam can be of a mild to a severe degree. Mild anxiety can be easily subsided using relaxation techniques like deep breathing, but severe anxiety requires more attention.

How to take CBD oil for exam anxiety?

If you find yourself prone to feeling anxious before an exam, take a CBD oil massage a night before the exam or take some CBD oil sublingually before your exam. Sublingual administration of CBD produces faster results and requires less time compared to massaging.

Scientific Support

A large case series turned out to favor CBD usage in anxiety patients. The claim of the anxiety-combating effects of CBD is backed by scientific research.

In the same study, some research participants also experienced some side effects of CBD and reported worsening symptoms of their anxiety.

If you have an underlying disease like Diabetes or Hypertension, it is recommended to consult your physician first before taking any CBD supplements. It is because sometimes they may adversely react to the medications you are taking for a different disease.

Get Better Sleep

Students usually struggle to fall asleep or have a balanced sleep-wake cycle. They pull all-nighters to study for their exams, quizzes, or presentations, which consequently disturbs the circadian rhythms of their body.

Circadian Rhythms are all the changes in the body that follow a 24-hour time bracket. It includes all behavioral changes that naturally change every 24 hours. If you have disturbed rhythms, you will experience adverse health symptoms, including insomnia, sleeping problems, and other signs of disturbed cognitive functions like headaches.

Follow a healthy and organic sleep routine instead of sleeping pills to regulate your sleep cycle naturally. Use CBD oils or gummies about half an hour before sleep, make your bed, declutter your mind, and avoid using screens while in bed.

Scientific Support:

A crossover study has suggested that in addition to inducing sleep, CBD also increases the duration of sleep. In the study, they used 16mg of CBD for the given outcome. You may want to head over to an authentic seller and get advice on your required dose from their medical review board. You can also consult your physician to decide the dosage for your sleep regulation.

Source: Freepik

Deal with Post-Result Depression

Many students spend their student life worrying about their exam results. Sometimes the pressure is way too high because of family and peer pressure. Insanely high admission criteria of the top-tier universities and colleges add to the pressure of getting good grades.

Not all students are the same; some excel in some subjects and lack in others and vice versa, but low grades affect some of them more compared to others. Unexpected bad grades shatter the expectations of many students, and they enter a vortex of negative feelings and emotions that only ends in depression.

CBD oils are a safe alternative to deal with post-result depression because they provide relaxation and emotional balance, as backed by research. While you are in a rough phase of your student life, you may not tell whether you are falling into depression or not, as it can start from as small as feeling sad on a random day. It is recommended to have a massage of CBD oil after an emotionally exhausting event to keep you from further emotional damage.

How to Use CBD to Treat Depression?

You can use CBD in gummies or oil form per your preference and convenience. If you are using gummies, the standard dose is taking two gummies daily, with 30mg of CBD in each. But, start with a smaller dose and slowly progress to the standard dose. In the case of oil, use a few drops of CBD oil mixed in a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and massage it on your temples and forehead for 15-20 minutes.

No More Migraines

Modern Times demand modern education tools; hence, many educational institutes have merged digital education with the classical education system. Digital education comes with a few flaws, including the risk of increased headaches and disturbed eyesight due to the increased use of screens and radiation-emitting gadgets. 

Over the past decade, an abrupt growth in the use of screens has caused an exponential increase in cases of migraines and headaches. If your screen time surpasses the average recommended time, it will trigger your migraine and headaches. Students are more likely to experience migraines because they use electronic gadgets more frequently to study.

How to Apply CBD Oil for Headaches?

Massage a small amount of CBD oil onto your temples with gentle circular strokes. Keep massaging until it is absorbed in the skin. It will provide relief from any headache and induce relaxation. You can do it for several days for consistent and permanent results

Scientific Support

CBD oils work like a charm in migraines. This claim is scientifically backed as studies have proved that CBD relieves migraines if taken consistently. A clinically gathered survey suggested that more than 85% of the people suffering from migraines reported a decline in the symptoms after using CBD in a 30-day trial.

NOTE: If your headache still resides after several days of using CBD oil, consult a physician, as it could be a red-flag sign of an underlying disease.

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