Guide To Bathroom Led Mirrors: What Are They And Why Should You Install Them?

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When creating your ideal bathroom, you will certainly focus on the shower, fittings, and fixtures. But don’t forget about the mirror, which can significantly alter how your space looks and feels. LED mirrors work as regular mirrors with more advanced functionality and capabilities to bring a stunning look to any space.

If you’re planning to redefine your bathroom space, having multi-functional, cheap bathroom mirrors with lights can be a great fix to improve the whole part of your space. It not only brings a modern charm but also provide various lighting modes such as warm and cool tone to set your ambience as desired.

With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one. That’s why we have curated crucial information in this guide to streamline your selection process.

What are LED Mirrors?

LED mirrors are a staple for a luxurious bathroom. If you love a contemporary look and feel, don’t go for standard-sized or shaped mirrors, instead install lighted bathroom mirrors to enhance functionality and visual appeal. It gives you soft and subtle warm light that enhances the overall grace of the bathroom.

As a bonus, they are moisture resistant, so they are ready to use post-shower and absorb less dust. The bevelled edges of these mirrors have their own charm and beauty. They come in different shapes and sizes, all of which are perfect for any bathroom size – be it spacious or a small-sized room.

Why Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors?

LED mirrors are much more energy efficient than ones equipped with fluorescent bulbs. Whether you are looking for bathroom mirrors or vanity mirror with lights, their contemporary looks and handy anti-mist technology keeps you wanting more. It offers various features, including:

  • Smart touch sensor switch – You can turn on and off LED lights and anti-fog pad as desired. The overall control of its functioning is in your hands. 
  • Defogger system – It contains demister pads to prevent condensation build-up that occurs when you take a hot shower or bath. In the end, you get a clear reflection at all times. 
  • Adjustable CCT – With a simple touch of a button, you can adjust and change different temperatures of white light. 
  • Dimmable with memory function – The mirror is dimmable and controlled by a touch sensor switch. Simply tap the button to adjust the brightness level of your mirror light.
  • Waterproof technology – It uses a waterproof membrane that prevents water to stay on its surface and you get a clear mirror to see every time.

LED Mirrors – Different Styles and Shapes

  • Wall Mounted Bathroom LED Mirrors

You usually find it in a square or rectangular shape. But what makes it pleasing is the robust features it provides (mentioned above). A sturdy framework adds a touch of elegance, and you will love its waterproof nature. Moreover, it is fog-free and illuminated, so no matter the humidity, it stays rustproof and shines bright as you want.

  • LED Touch Bathroom Mirror

This is where the revolution of the 21st century comes in, now you can turn mirror lights on and off with a push of a button. It includes various lighting modes, which can be operated and controlled at your fingertips.

  • LED Vanity Mirror with Cabinet

If you want space to store your makeup essentials, a lighted vanity mirror with a cabinet could be a smart choice. It equips adjustable shelves for personal usage, an additional facility of electrical shaver socket, and an on/off sensor switch for robust functioning.

  • LED Makeup Mirror

If you need proper lighting while doing makeup or a skincare routine, LED makeup mirror could do wonders. It provides perfect lighting to brighten your face, where you can adjust lighting modes accordingly and achieve a flawless finish. Some also come with extra compartments or drawers to hold accessories, makeup products, and other items.


LED mirrors are a big necessity for lavish bathrooms. They can be the best source to save electricity, achieve a brighter look, and make even a small, spaced bathroom look spacious.

It’s time to ditch the traditional or standard-sized mirrors and install illuminated and fog-free bathroom mirrors to make your space stand out from the rest. So, start looking for bathroom mirror lights in Ireland or elsewhere and trust a reliable supplier to meet your requirements.

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