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Grab Clone – The Future Of On-Demand Marketplace

grab clone

Grab Clone is a ride and delivery application that serves millions of users every day. It is the clone of the famous Singapore-based Grab app that is known as Southeast Asia’s first decacorn. What makes it a USD10 billion valued company? Well, the main reason is its ride and delivery services on a single platform. 

This isn’t the only reason why other entrepreneurs are yearning to invest in the solution. The Grab-like app is changing how people used to ride or order stuff at their doorstep. And thus, it is defining the future of on-demand services. 

Let’s see a few more reasons why this application will be able to fuel a promising future for the on-demand service industry.  

Multiple Vehicle Categories 

Grab Clone app is super-flexible and convenient for riders who like to book daily rides to their office or college.

The app offers multiple vehicle categories for customers to choose from. The users can select a basic taxi if they want to commute on a budget and don’t need a fancy taxi to pick them up. On the other hand, if they have different needs and good money to spend on the ride, they can choose normal or luxurious categories. 

Here, the rider has to pay a higher price if they want to book spacious sedans, SUVs, or luxurious cars. 

OTP to Start the Trip 

The apps are upgrading and getting a better interface to ensure that the rides are safe. The OTP verification feature is to protect the riders from fake rides. Plus, the drivers also get the assurance that they have picked the right passenger. 

Thus, the driver needs to enter the OTP on the Grab Clone app before starting the ride. The four-digit code is sent to the rider’s registered phone number. Once the verification is done, the drivers can start the ride while the riders can safely commute to their destination. 

Live Tracking 

Real-time tracking is one of the most important features of the entire array. Using this feature, your customers can easily track their rides and deliveries on their smartphones. 

The current location of the taxi or delivery driver is displayed on the map and their real-time moments are shown smoothly via the integrated PUBSUB technology. 

In short, your customers will be able to track the live location of the service provider and know their exact status. Besides tracking, they will also be able to see the estimated time of the driver’s arrival. 

Easy and Secure Payments 

The Grab Clone app makes sure that all the payments happening on the platform are easy and secure. Therefore, the app integrates local payment gateways used in the region. All the transactions happening via your app will be safely done under the gateway company’s watch. 

Moreover, the application allows customers to choose the payment method they prefer the most. Once the customer is on the checkout page of the taxi rides service, food ordering,  grocery, medicine delivery, or parcel delivery, the customer will be able to select the payment mode. 

They can choose to pay the service provider in cash or online via their in-app wallet balance or through a credit card. 

Another key reason why entrepreneurs are investing in this ride plus delivery solution is because it’s inexpensive! 

An entrepreneur can easily launch the on-demand Grab Clone app in one to two weeks by spending only a few thousand dollars. In short, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to build the app from scratch or even put 1% effort into hiring a team, buying an office, paying salaries, etc. 

In Conclusion: 

Launch a suitable solution for your on-demand service business and sign-up for a promising future. By launching the Grab Clone app, you can start an on-demand service business with ease, without spending a million dollars or wasting 2 to 3 years of your life. 

Develop the app and launch it on iOS and Android app stores in less than two weeks and start earning towering profits from day one.

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