Golden Corral Buffet

Golden Corral is the place to go if you’re starving and want comfort food but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Buffets appear to be a thing of the past or something seen on cruise ships, but trust me when I say that Golden Corral is still in business and offering up hearty portions of beef and delicious mashed potatoes.

They almost certainly offer whatever comfort meal comes to mind. You get to customize your dish with everything from build-your-own burgers to build-your-own salads.

If you’re looking for a buffet, Golden Corral has a terrific assortment, whether you prefer salty, meaty food or fried fish.

Best menu items from Golden Corral

To help you decide what to eat and what to avoid, I reviewed 10 of the greatest menu items from Golden Corral. Visit Gold Corral and try these delicacies for yourself after looking through my list! You can also visit this article to find out golden corral lunch prices.

Fried Chicken

For good reason, fried chicken is the most popular menu item at Golden Corral.

It is referred to as Aunt B’s Fried Chicken. I have no idea who Aunt B is, but she certainly knows how to cook a turkey.

I would have preferred a little more taste in the fairly seasoned outer coating, but that’s just me.

The breaded chicken’s stunning golden colour cannot be disputed. A buffet is, of course, a masterclass in timing, and these foods are at their best when they are initially served.

This fried chicken is wonderful when it is hot out of the fryer. There’s not much more I could ask for in a piece of fried chicken for it to be hot, crunchy, juicy, and delicious.

Signature Sirloin Steak

At a buffet, ordering your steak to your preferences may be quite a dangerous game.

In terms of steak temperature, Golden Corral appears to be an expert. While I won’t claim that this is the best piece of meat I’ve ever eaten, the sirloin steak is actually quite decent for a buffet.

Prepare yourself for a salty flavour because the steak is heavily seasoned in contrast to the chicken.

The marinade steers clear of any barbecue flavours and focuses heavily on the salt, which some people enjoy and others don’t.

Don’t expect to saw through this sirloin like a tree, though; the steaks are exceedingly soft and cut like butter.

Carrot Cakes

The carrot cake at Golden Corral is unquestionably my favourite dessert.

The cake has a fantastic flavour and texture since it is moist but light and contains just the right amount of spices and shredded carrots.

A frosting with a lot of sugar I can’t stand. Fortunately, the carrot cake icing at Golden Corral is anything but too sweet. It offers the ideal ratio of sweetness to cream cheese’s pungency for a rich white icing.

Additionally, the outside of the cake has a delicate crumb crust, which is an extra that I don’t need for carrot cakes but is a nice touch.

Build Your Own Burger

Golden Corral’s hamburgers are decent but not outstanding.

No matter what degree you want, they frequently cook the burgers to a well-done state. So bear that in mind as you go up to the burger stand.

But their selection of toppings—different varieties of onions, leafy greens, and oh so many sauces—is a dream.

The burgers are served on a warm yeast bun that holds all the toppings I want to add, which are numerous because I enjoy a good variety.

Fantastic fries are available with your burger. They satisfy all of my criteria for what constitutes a good french fry since they are salty, crunchy, and crispy.

Fried Fish

Fried Fish Buffets and fish don’t typically go together well, but the fish at Golden Corral can hold its own and fill your plate without disappointing you.

Due to their modest size, the fragments are likely little fish rather than massive cod or bass. The exterior crust shares the same flavour and seasoning of fried chicken.

However, I don’t believe Aunt B handled the fish in any way.

I strongly advise waiting to purchase fish until you see them replace the tray with new fish because, like any fried item, fish is best when freshly cooked.

The fish is a little bit dry, which is typical of fried fish, but it could use some tartar sauce to add some zing.

Butterfly shrimp

Shrimp are difficult to dislike, and Golden Corral’s excellent, well-seasoned shrimp make it even more difficult.

The shrimp are juicy, plump, and almost irresistible, unlike fried fish. You’ll want to rush to get these as soon as they’re hot out of the fryer, just as with the fried fish and Aunt B’s chicken.

The shrimp pair nicely with the exterior, which has a lovely golden crust that is crispy and slightly sweet.

At buffets, seafood can be a little intimidating, but I implore you to try the butterfly shrimp at Golden Corral with confidence.

Mashed Potatoes

I won’t try to dodge the issue. Mash potatoes from the Golden Corral are my favourite food

They have a fantastic garlicky and salty flavour and are creamy and smooth without being soupy. They are delicious when served warm with a pat of butter on top, or you can amp things up by choosing one of their two gravies.

Although none of their white or brown gravy is exceptional, if you enjoy a warm, meaty gravy on your mashed potatoes, they have it for you.

Don’t skip out on these creamy potatoes because I would never even consider going to a Golden Corral without enjoying a huge taste of their mashed potatoes.

Salad Bar

A salad bar is a crucial but frequently disregarded component of any respectable buffet.

Usually, there are plenty of vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, and slices of bread for a side at the salad bar at Golden Corral.

The dressings frequently change, but my favourite is the spicy ranch; it tastes even better with bacon pieces on top.

Although they often only provide iceberg or romaine, I wish they had other leafy green selections. I believe adding some spinach or arugula would give folks more variety.

If you have allergies or a specific diet, you can view their nutritional menu.

Pulled BBQ Chicken

Although Golden Corral has a variety of barbecue options, I usually choose the pulled BBQ chicken.

Additionally, they serve pulled pork, one of my favourite dishes. It isn’t the best, though. It’s too dry and spicy, but the pulled chicken fills in well.

When you finally get to the pulled chicken, it still has a little smoky flavour and is moist and soft. As with pulled pork, pulled chicken can dry out very quickly, but Golden Corral’s chicken helps save their barbecue reputation.

I really adore their tangy barbecue sauce, which has a hint of sweetness.


Carrots To begin with, the Golden Corral carrots are enormous.

They are sliced to be about an inch thick and about two inches wide. I have no idea where you can buy carrots that big.

They are delicious, though. The carrots are sautéed and come out buttery with just the smallest amount of crunch on the outside that reveals the soft interior.

Even though they are simply carrots, I could easily eat a meal’s worth of them.

Don’t be hesitant to add a little gravy to the dish to bring the meaty sauce and the cooling, somewhat sweet carrots together.

Best menu items from Golden Corral

  1. Fried Chicken
  2. Signature Sirloin Steak
  3. Carrot Cake
  4. Build Your Own Burger
  5. Fried Fish
  6. Butterfly Shrimp
  7. Mashed Potatoes
  8. Salad Bar
  9. Pulled BBQ Chicken
  10. Carrots

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Buffets occasionally receive a poor rap, but if you haven’t been to a Golden Corral, I hope this list will persuade you to give it a try.

This restaurant serves traditional main dishes and sides that are sure to please practically any palate if you’re in the mood for some reasonably priced comfort cuisine and you’re hungry. They provide everything for everyone, with both hearty salads and veggies and indulgent pastries.

It’s difficult not to anticipate the upcoming feast when the cost of a refilled plate is less than $20. Golden Corral is a great venue for a family supper or a friendly get-together, despite the fact that I went on a solo vacation! If you have any inquiries regarding this restaurant, look out their FAQ.

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