Free Websites to Download Movies and TV Shows Legally

Free Websites to Download Movies and TV Shows Legally

A wealth of entertainment may be found on the Internet. From films and television shows to music and video games, there is always something fresh. However, not all of this material is authorised. A significant portion of it violates copyright. We’ve gathered a list of free websites that provide legal downloads of movies and TV series, including 7starHD, to assist you avoid running afoul of the law. Everyone can find something on this list, which includes both older films like Star Wars and more recent ones. We cannot be held liable if you are arrested as a result of downloading these files, therefore do so at your own risk!

There are several websites out there that allow you to download free movies and TV episodes. These websites frequently offer subtitles for the movies and TV shows they offer, as well as a wide selection of both. The following are some of the top websites for legally downloading movies and TV shows:


If you’re seeking for high-quality entertainment without spending any money, 7starHD is a terrific place to start. You can catch up on previous seasons or view recent episodes of TV series and movies. Although 7starhd is free, it’s worthwhile if you want access to a large selection of entertainment options.

You can stream new and vintage films, TV shows, series, and documentaries. 7starhd is an excellent resource for getting up to current on your favourite genres because there is always something new there.


Hindilinks4u One of the most popular download sites, Hindilinks4u provides a huge selection of TV episodes, films, and other stuff.

Additionally, Hindilinks4u allows you to download content for offline viewing and backup your content.

Hindilinks4u is the website for you if you’re looking for a quick and simple solution to download several files simultaneously. Hindilinks4u not only offers a large selection of media files but also offline viewing options so you can keep downloading your preferred shows even if you don’t have an internet connection.


On the website Allmovieshub, you can download a lot of free movies and TV series. They include a range of genres, including horror, humour, documentary, action, and adventure. Additionally, they provide subtitles so that you may view these films and TV series in any language.

There are more than 2 million movie and TV show episodes available on this website. To find out which movie theatres are exhibiting a particular movie or TV show, you can use utilise the Allmovieshub website.


A service called 9kmovies provides free, open access to movies and TV shows. The website offers a wide range of material, including both current and vintage releases. Exclusive supplementary materials from 9kmovies include cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Motion Picture Association of America has granted permission for 9kmovies (MPAA). This indicates that the website satisfies all specifications for lawful streaming of movies and television shows. Additionally, 9kmovies has a stringent copyright removal policy, which states that it will not host any content that is protected by a copyright without the owner’s consent.

The following languages are supported by 9kmovies: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish.


This website serves as a video hosting service for other websites. Users don’t need to download the videos themselves because they may play them directly from their browsers. Users have the option of watching the video on the internet. On the most widely used websites, this option is accessible. A secure and authorised location to watch videos and movies. For users, its minimal ad policy is a plus.

There are no related licence payments, and content is always authorised. Only if users see them may unlawful streams be banned. Even so, accessing the website is legal. If you stream the content, you can face legal repercussions. However, this issue is unrelated to compensating the creators. User safety is the real problem here. Animixplay is a well-known anime website.

Fans of anime can learn everything they need to know about anime with this app. You may watch all of your favourite anime programmes whenever and wherever you want with the help of this app.

You can access your favourite series after downloading the app. Download the music app to your phone or tablet to watch your favourite anime. With this application, users can access the most recent episodes of the animated programme by clicking a button. There are no restrictions on how frequently you can use this software.

All the shows will be streamed via cloud services. Thus, it is comparable to launching an anime streaming service. The design can be altered in many different ways. You can alter font, colour, and other design aspects within the application. It is free to download. Downloading is made simple for smartphone users via the Google Play Store.


The HDhub4u website is well-known for both its substantial anti-copyright stance and its broad variety of legal movie and TV show downloads.

This website provides free access to a wide selection of both recent and classic titles. Additionally, it has a track record for dependability and security.

If you’re seeking for legal movie and TV show downloads, HDhub4u is a great choice. This website provides a wide range of titles and enables users to view these files offline without worrying about copyright limitations. Prior to offering a file to users, it provides information regarding the legality of each file.


Themoviesflix provides a broad selection of legal movie and TV show downloads, including titles from well-known Hollywood studios and well-liked cable and network TV programmes.

To view only the most recent releases, choose a specific category (like comedy) from the list of available movies and TV shows.

Themoviesflix offers built-in filters that let you focus your search by language, audience, and release date if you’re seeking for something specific.

Additionally, our friendly support staff is always there to assist you if you experience any difficulties downloading a movie or TV show from Themoviesflix.

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