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Free DA Checker Tools in 2022

DA Checker Tools

It plays an essential role in comparing the quality of your website versus that of the site of your competition. Websites with quality content and high-quality backlinks relevant to the niche can achieve an impressive DA score and rank high in SERPs. A DA Checker of a website is measured on a scale of zero to 100, with 0 being the lowest, and 100 is considered a perfect score. The ideal domain score of websites is between fifty and 60. In this article, we’ll speak about the top tools that will allow you to assess your site’s DA scores quickly and freely.

It is among the most popular SEO tool providers that provide basic and advanced functions to enhance the website’s SEO. Moz gives users quick access to MozBar, which quickly evaluates the website in real time and determines the site’s DA, PA, and spam score. It also has fantastic options to determine the root domains of linking and the ranking keywords of websites. Copy and paste the URLs in the box input to quickly assess a website’s rankings.

After you click on the “Analyze Domain” Analyze Domain button, it will display the most popular pages and the domains that link to the website. It also shows the expected clicks for a particular keyword in one click. Additionally, when you install MozBar, it will analyze the site in real-time and determine the domain’s authority, page authority, and the site’s spam score.

The platform provides fantastic online tools that aid many website owners, and SEO experts rank websites in SERPs. To determine the domain and page’s authority on a site, Prepostseo has launched its excellent DA checker. The principal purpose behind this free online tool is to locate the page authority score and Page Authority score in bulk quantities. It has several great tools to make the DA or IP Address, PA and scores for spam on several websites in just one click. Copy and paste the URLs into the input field of the checker in bulk and select “Check Authorities”.

Domain authority checking developed by Bulkdachecker assists in determining the DA from up to five websites at once. It gives the opportunity to bulk DA checker. It is focused on delivering the highest quality results by displaying your Moz DA, PA, MozRank, and IP address of a website in the shortest amount of time. The interface for users of Bulk da Checker appears straightforward and user-friendly. All you have to do is paste your URL into the browser and then click “Submit”.

This tool on the internet allows you to determine the score for up to twenty URLs with one click. Remember that each link needs to be placed on a separate line for every line. The user interface to Ignite Digital’s DA checker is extremely simple. Copy and paste URLs into the checker, verify the image verification code and hit “Submit”.

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This tool lets users examine a website’s domain authority at a time. It rapidly examines the entire website and calculates its statistics in just one click. To access this tool online, you need to input the URL in the checker and select “Get Website Metrics’.


Domain authority is considered one of the significant elements in ranking a website highly in SERPs.

It is the most crucial aspect to comprehend why particular websites have more popular pages than the competition. You can utilize any of the above online tools to determine the DA of your website. These tools have several unique features and assist you in examining the most critical aspects of the site of your competitor in just only a couple of minutes.

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