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There are many free AI writing tools available to help you write better. Some of the most popular ones include Peppertype, Hypotenuse, Scalenut, Copy Shark, Writesonic, and Grammarly. You can find these products at various websites and stores. So, what are the benefits of using them?


Grammarly is an AI writing tool that corrects grammar and spelling mistakes online. This tool is great for any writer who doesn’t have the time or patience to proofread their own work. It can also be used by business owners, sales representatives, journalists, and bloggers to improve the quality of their communications.

Grammarly can be downloaded for free from its website. Once installed, users can publish their content or export it to a computer. They can also add custom words to increase the accuracy of the system.

Grammarly uses natural language processing (NLP) to learn how to recognize and understand human language. The program is designed to combine rules and patterns to identify inappropriate language usage. Users can then choose which rules to apply to their written content.


Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool. It uses GPT-3 technology, a machine learning technique developed by OpenAI.

Writesonic offers a free trial. In order to get started, you need to sign up and choose your type of content. Then, you need to select the quality of the words, the use case, and the number of outputs you want to generate.

With the free plan, you can get up to 6250 words of content each month. You can also switch to the Premium plan, which allows you to generate up to 2500 words.

Unlike other AI-powered writing tools, Writesonic is not optimized for SEO writers. However, it does a great job of making sure that the content is easy to read. As such, it can be a great tool for e-commerce businesses.


Scalenut is an AI-based content generation tool that offers a range of features. It enables users to generate long-form content in a scalable manner. With Scalenut, you can produce valuable and SEO-optimized content that is sure to get you top SERP results.

Scalenut’s AI Writing Assistant uses machine learning to generate content for you. You can use it to generate long-form articles, product descriptions, FAQs, and more.

The real-time content assistant helps you generate high-quality, SEO-optimized, and keyword-rich long-form content. All you need to do is input your goals and objectives, and the AI writer will generate your content based on your instructions.

The software also provides metrics and analysis for your writing. It reveals which keywords are most competitive, how they rank, and what terms you can include to increase their rankings.


Peppertype is an artificial intelligence-based content creation solution. It generates original, unique, and plagiarism-free content for companies.

Peppertype uses artificial intelligence to create articles, blog posts, product reviews, and ad copies. Its innovative content generation algorithms help it to adapt to human writing styles.

The Peppertype interface is user-friendly and simple to use. It features a clean and modern design. There are several templates to choose from. This allows users to get started with content writing right away.

The free trial offers 10,000 words of content. Users also have the option to download the results. However, there is no refund policy.

Peppertype has a user-friendly interface and it runs quickly. There is also a knowledge base and an email support.


Hypotenuse in free AI writing tools is a handy tool for anyone who wants to generate original content. It offers a variety of features that allow users to create articles, outlines, and even blog posts. In addition, the system can help writers optimize their copy for better SEO rankings.

With Hypotenuse, you can easily get started without any prior experience. You can join the service for a free trial period. Then you can choose from three different plans. These plans are based on the number of words you want to create each month.

For a starter plan, you can write up to 19000 words each month. If you want to increase your word count, you can upgrade to the Growth Plan. This plan includes a 250-credit allowance. However, if you’re interested in using the system for a long period of time, you’ll need to enroll in the Enterprise Plan.

Copy Shark AI Writer

Copy Shark AI Writer is a copywriting software that helps users generate high-converting sales copy. It is an AI powered tool designed to help people write 10x smarter copy.

The technology behind Copy Shark AI Writer allows writers to generate a variety of content ideas, which it then turns into professional-looking articles, product descriptions, video scripts, and more. Its user-friendly interface will make it easy to use for anyone.

The website claims to write copy in more than 100 languages. Using the software, you can write an Amazon product description in a matter of minutes. And it can generate unique YouTube video hooks and introductions. Among other features, the AI can generate powerful introductions, high converting headlines, and compelling paragraphs.

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