Finding a Locum Tenens Provider: Everything You Need to Know

Finding a Locum Tenens Provider Everything You Need to Know

Many physicians struggle to find a balance between work and home. Taking time off means they may not have any income coming in. One way to have more time off is to hire a locum tenens. Doing so allows practitioners to get much-needed breaks while still bringing in some income. While they will need to pay the physician who is stepping in for them, the money is well spent. They come back refreshed and ready to tackle difficult cases again.

Full Coverage

Many doctors partner to cover for one another nights and weekends. Doing so ensures their patients receive help in a timely manner. However, extended absences call for a different solution. That’s where locum tenens come in. The physician can go about finding a locum tenens provider and take this time off, knowing their patients are receiving the care they need.

Benefits of Hiring a Locum Tenens

Locum tenens fill a need when they step in for a medical practitioner. They won’t need to worry about their finances when they take time off. Billing continues without interruption, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued guidelines to ensure there are no issues when it does. The regular physician receives the pay so long as certain conditions are met. Patients receive care without delay and won’t need to worry about how they will be billed or whether the physician participates with their insurance.

Finding a Locum Tenens Provider

Physicians should not decide overnight if they want to work with locum tenens providers. They need to plan ahead, as this individual will represent their practice. They must make the right choice to ensure problems don’t arise.

Research various locum tenens organizations to find the right company to partner with. Interview several organizations to learn more about each and whether they will be a good fit. Review existing malpractice coverage and learn whether the state requires additional coverage for locum tenens physicians.

Interview locum tenens providers to see if they are the right fit for the practice. They need to understand what will be expected of them if they take the temporary assignment. Ask if they would be willing to do a trial run. Many providers prefer to do so before committing to an assignment, as they don’t want to be stuck somewhere they aren’t happy.

Share information about what is expected of the locum tenens provider. Learn what they expect when working in the facility. Open lines of communication are of importance, and all matters discussed need to be outlined in any contract both parties sign.

Prepare Staff Members

While physicians hire locum tenens to relieve them, the physician’s staff will remain in the office working with the replacement provider. Ensure they are comfortable doing so, as a physician doesn’t want to take time off and return to find their entire staff has quit. In addition, the staff will be tasked with helping this individual navigate the practice and its operations.

Locum tenens are a valuable part of America’s healthcare system. They fill in for medical professionals who need time off to ensure patients receive ongoing care. The physician has money coming in, so they won’t feel pressured to return to work, and the locum tenens have scheduling flexibility and can use assignments to further their skills. Everyone wins when locum tenans are used, so learn more about these professionals today.

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