Extra Virgin Olive Oils | 2023 Best Go For Brands You Could Possibly Need

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 2023 Best Brands You Could Possibly Need

The customers that prefer olive oil, such as “virgin” or “extra virgin,” refer to the process that manufacturers use to produce the oil. Extra virgin olive oils undergo the least processing. Keep reading to understand better.

Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are both prepared from olives, then what makes them different? It is the method of extracting that makes the oil different from one another. As a result, they have distinct colors, tastes, and health properties. However, there are many types of oil available on the market, including vegetable, canola, avocado, walnut, and coconut oil. So sometimes it can be difficult to choose which oil is the best. 

Do they actually taste different? Is it more healthy than the others? When the manufacturer processes the oil, they first clean it with chemicals and then heat it. These processes extend the shelf life, which can be great for the food industry—they might strip away a lot of flavors and some of their benefits.

According to research, extra virgin olive oil contains more polyphenols than regular olive oil. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant, and they provide many health benefits. Refining olive oil clears its vitamins, polyphenols, and other natural ingredients. Whereas many people find that extra virgin olive oil has a more pleasant taste than regular olive oils that have undergone more processing. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Our Top 4 Picks 

We have made a list after researching on the basis of purity, safety, and many other important factors. Have a look at our shortlisted brands providing extra virgin olive oils.

# Pure C60 Olive Oil

The brand provides 100% pure organic extra virgin olive oil and 99.95% ultra pure vacuum oven dried, research grade, solvent free Carbon 60. They use four whole grams of Carbon 60 per 5 litres of olive oil. And all the Carbon 60 gets dissolved in the two week mixing process. Many competitors use an industrial grade Carbon 60 (containing dangerous solvents) to economise the cost. Therefore they do not heat their product like other manufacturers. Also, you can avail much more savings by using our Pure C60 Olive Oil Coupon Code.

They use organic extra virgin olive oil, which is the highest quality and most consistent olive oil on the market. They mix Carbon 60 olive oil for two weeks using professional laboratory equipment that suspends Carbon 60 particles during the process. However the mixing process is done in total darkness to avoid Carbon 60 degradation.

# California Olive Ranch

Many of the experts mentioned California Olive Ranch as a go-to product. It’s also a brand sometimes used in professional test kitchens. This is because California Olive Ranch is one of the few bigger manufacturers that always note the harvest date. Nick Coleman, who is also an olive-oil expert, educator, and co-founder of a subscription service Grove and Vine. He says It is a light-to-medium body, is a little buttery and viscous in the mouth, and isn’t too assertive. 

Plus, it is available at a price point you can really cook with. This oil is used at a New York City restaurant, Pizza Loves Emily. He says it works so well as it does drizzle on top of a sizzling pie straight from the oven.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 2023 Best Brands You Could Possibly Need

# Iliada

In ancient Greece, Iliada became famous for the epic poem of Homer. In modern times, the name Iliada has now become well-known with quality & wellness. History & Tradition meets a modern brand that, since its start, has had a single mission, to deliver high quality Greek Agricultural products worldwide. Today this brand has a global presence on five continents, representing primarily authentic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This brand offers a range of extra virgin olive oils, olives, and other agricultural products with different individuality, intensity, and flavours. But it also comes in different varieties, sizes, and packaging. Their product’s aim is to satisfy the most various customers’ demands with their unique taste and fragrances to enhance your dishes.

# Cobram Estate 

Cobram Estate no doubt makes delicious olive oil. Because of their price point, it would be perfectly suited as an oil for dipping or for dressings. Both of these would benefit from something you can use, but that is tastier when it’s in raw form. It tastes buttery and grassy at the same time, which is a nice combo you don’t usually get. On the other hand, it’s complex but also easygoing. Get a piece of bread, dip it, add some salt, and you can eat that for dinner. 

The Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is never processed using any harmful chemicals or additives. Additionally, industry standards need that in order for an oil to be labeled Extra Virgin. Whereas the acidity must be below 0.8%, and it should taste like fresh olives. The good news is their olive oils have an acidity below 0.3%.


People should replace their regular olive oil with extra virgin olive oil, this is because it provides so many benefits necessary for better health. However, we have already stated above the advantages of using extra virgin olive oils. But here are some pros regarding why you should switch on to extra virgin olive oil!

Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

People should start preferring using extra virgin olive oil in place of regular olive oil because; 

  • It has undergone less processing.
  • You’ll find it has a more pleasant taste.
  • It contains fewer chemicals.
  • It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and other natural ingredients.

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