Enjoy Your Winters With Modern Glass Verandas

The winter season can be hard on the soul and body. The biting wind, the snow, and the short daylight hours can leave you feeling dark and cold. We can’t help you with the cold, but we have a solution to make it easier on your emotional state! By going with modern glass verandas, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful sunny day while basking in the winter sunshine. Fleming Varandas offers a wide selection of modern glass verandas in all sizes, materials and styles.

Glass verandas offer a variety of benefits to both year-round residents and winter visitors. They are beautifully designed, feature low-maintenance surfaces, offer generous amounts of natural light, and can be easily added or removed when they no longer fit your needs.

Feature of Installing Modern Glass Verandas 

1. No Special Roof or Foundation

Modern glass verandas do not require a special roof or a special foundation. Instead, they are placed on top of a regular roof and attached to the wall. They are available in 18 different styles and can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

2. They Are Easy To Install 

Our contractors can install modern glass verandas within a few days. They are lightweight, easy to install and can be removed in a short amount of time.

3. They Offer Greater Appeal 

Glass verandas have a beautiful appeal and look very impressive as they have an open-air feel and can be removed once winter is over. They also don’t require any special roof or foundation for installation, making them a perfect choice for residential and commercial areas.

4. They Are Economical 

Modern glass verandas are also very economical on a per-square-foot basis. That can benefit businesses and homeowners, who can replace their modern glass verandas with a new one every few years without increasing costs.

5. They Are Easy To Maintain 

Since modern glass verandas are completely changeable, they are easily maintained with simple cleaning and polishing procedures. That is a big advantage compared to a glass screen, which is one of the most difficult types of glass to maintain.

6. They Are Energy Efficient

Glass verandas have an open-air feel and can be easily heated with infrared heaters. That allows them to warm up quickly when it gets cold outside and save energy in the long run.


We at Fleming Varandas offer a wide selection of modern glass verandas in all sizes, materials and styles. They are available in various designs and styles, can be easily added or removed, and offer greater appeal than many other types of verandas. If you are interested in installing one of our modern glass verandas, you can visit our showroom or contact us today at tel:01902212331.

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