How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website 

Embed Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms to interact, entertain and engage the masses with its Reel features, stories, posts and likes. Quite popular among all age groups, which provides a huge user base for marketers to target their interested audiences and create brand awareness and recognition. Here’s a brief insight into why you should embed Instagram feed and it can be so important for the brand’s website.

What Is The Requirement For Embedding Instagram Feeds?

With the changing dynamics of business, marketers need to be up-to-date. Now the market is not just confined to the physical boundaries of the shop. The market is out there in the digital arena owing to the advent of the internet. If a product is not advertised properly on social media, it won’t create enough buzz and thus won’t get enough consumers.

 Some vital reasons for embedding Instagram feeds on your website include nail-biting competition in the market. Thus, it’s important to stand out and focus on publicity via social media platforms. Also, adding these feeds to the website will enhance the browsing experience of your viewers, boost engagement and readily decline the bounce rate, and improve your website’s visual appeal quotient.

However, this process does not require much technical expertise as the work can be sorted using a social media aggregator tool. These tools allow its users to collect, curate, embed and publish data on their websites in the form of information, pictures, videos and reviews etc.

The process is simplified into a few easy and detailed explanations and steps ;

  • How to embed an Instagram feed on a website?
  • How to generate embedding code to embed Instagram feed?
  • How to embed an Instagram feed on any website?

How To Embed An Instagram Feed On A Website?

The first step is to create an Instagram feed and collect Instagram feeds, thus can be done with the assistance of a social media aggregator tool. The tool allows users to create, curate, embed and publish data on their website. For example, one of the prominently used tools is Tagembed. Thus the user first has to;

  1. Sign up or log in to Tagembed
  2. User will be redirected to the Tagembed dashboard
  3. The first widget will already be created. You have to click on the” Open “button to proceed.

And if you are an existing user, click on the “ Create widget “ button on the top right corner of your screen.

  1. Pick and choose the desired source. Here select Instagram as a source.
  2. Create a widget dialogue box that would appear. The user will further have to choose from the provided options:
  • Instagram handles@
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram hashtags#
  • Instagram Reels etc.
  1. Click on the Create Feed button to start aggregation. 

How to Generate Embed Code?

  1. Click on the Embed Widget button on the screen’s bottom-left side.
  2. Choose Your Platform dialog box will appear on the screen with the list of different website CMS. Select the desired website from the given options.
  3. The user can adjust the length and width accordingly, then click on the Copy code button.

How To Embed Instagram On Any Website?

The last step before you are ready to publish your content on your website is to select the role of website builders to select the website platform according to their preference which can be:

  • HTML website
  • WordPress website
  • Weebly website etc.
  1. To start with, the website developers have to select the desired platform.
  2. Then get the generated embedding code from the Instagram widget and copy it.
  3. Lastly, the user has to paste the code on the backend of the site and paste it. With this step done, the website has successfully embedded feeds which act as a crowd puller factor and increases the visitors’ average spent time on your web page.


Information and the internet are interdependent. To garner more traffic on your website and act as digital word of mouth, it is necessary to cater to what the audiences want, be it the information, integration, feeds etc. Embedding Instagram on the website would result in increased traffic on the webpage along with increased vibrance of the website.

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