Dump Pouch Buying Guide

dump pouch

A dump pouch is a simple but handy piece of gear that can be useful for many different situations. Whether it’s an empty magazine or some snacks, water, or even a phone, a dump pouch can make a huge difference in your loadout.

Dump pouches come in all shapes and sizes, from low-profile fold up styles that don’t take up much belt real estate to larger roll-up style pouches. We’ve rounded up some of the best dump pouches on the market and compiled this dump pouch buying guide to help you find the right pouch for your needs!


Dump pouches are an essential piece of tactical gear for law enforcement officers, security guards, and military personnel. They can help save valuable space on your duty belt and keep your vital equipment easily accessible.

The size of a dump pouch depends on how much you want to carry. Ideally, you’ll want to find one that holds a few magazines – at least half a dozen is a good benchmark.

Some dump pouches are low-profile, taking up minimal space on your belt. These are ideal for guys who might only need a dump pouch occasionally or are budgeting their belt real estate.

Other dump pouches are fold-up, allowing you to use them when they’re not in use. These pouches are great for saving space on your duty belt and are also convenient when you’re packing light for an adventure.


A dump pouch is a tactical accessory for law enforcement, military, and first responders that holds a variety of essential items such as magazines, handcuffs, flashlights, medical supplies, and more. They are designed to fit securely onto the duty belt and provide efficient storage without adding extra bulk or weight.

They are available in a range of materials, styles, and sizes. It is important to choose a dump pouch that fits your personal preference and budget without compromising on quality or features.

Durability and retention are also critical factors when choosing a dump pouch. They should be able to stand up to wear and tear while still providing superior protection for your gear.

Dump pouches should also have a grommet at the bottom that allows dirt, mud, and water to pass through rather than collecting on them. These grommets help to ensure that your gear stays clean and dry, which is especially important when carrying a water bottle or a spare set of gloves.


Dump pouches provide a convenient place to store magazines, flashlights, medical supplies, or other small items. They can also be used for storing emergency food or water.

The design of a dump pouch should be comfortable and durable, so it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It should also open easily and retain magazines securely.

Choosing the right dump pouch can be difficult because there are many options on the market. However, knowing what to look for can help you make a good purchase.

The first thing to consider when buying a dump pouch is the opening. You want it to be easy to drop your magazines in and be able to keep them secure while you are running or moving around. Shock cords, Velcro, zipper, and snap closures are common on quality pouches.


Dump pouches are a useful piece of tactical gear that can be used by military personnel, law enforcement officers and first responders. They are designed to hold empty magazines and other small items that need to be disposed of quickly and safely.

There are many different dump pouches available on the market and each has its own function. When looking for the best dump pouch, you should consider several factors including material quality, capacity and size.

For example, if you are looking for a pouch that can be used for storing magazines, you should look for one that is durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear. You should also make sure that it opens easily and has good retention so that your magazines don’t fall out when you are running or moving around.

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