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One of the questions we get from our clients after any accident is what kind of compensation is available.

In cases involving pedestrian accidents, you might receive the following: You can also enquire more about the lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for pedestrian accidents.

Monetary losses: Economic damages are any money you can get back for the money you lost due to the pedestrian accident. These include medical bills now and in the future, lost wages, and diminished earning potential.

Non-monetary harms: Damages of this kind are more personal. They include emotional anguish, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering, among other non-monetary losses.

What steps should be taken if you have met with an accident?

When a pedestrian is hurt in an accident, they can pay for their injuries with their health or car insurance. You can use your injury protection (PIP) insurance, just like in a bike accident, if you own a car and have insurance.

However, the pedestrian accident’s vehicle owner will pay for the claim if you do not have insurance or are not covered by their policy. It is essential to keep in mind that pedestrians are exempt from limited tort restrictions.

Pedestrian can use their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover their costs if the driver flees the scene after hitting them.

Distribution of areas regarding accidents

Urban areas have a much higher rate of pedestrian accidents than rural areas, but country roads can also have a lot of terrible accidents. The perfect conditions for a pedestrian-caused accident with serious injuries exist on winding roads with low visibility and high speeds.

A Lawyer can file a lawsuit regarding which parties

Most of the time, driver carelessness is to blame for these accidents. Your pedestrian accident lawyer may file a lawsuit against the following parties following such an accident.

The motorist: You could be liable for your accident if the driver broke the road rules.

  • The manufacturer of the car: The manufacturer may be liable for the accident if the car had a flaw that contributed to it, such as broken brakes.
  • The authorities: The person in charge might be a government agency if there is a problem with the lighting system or the crosswalk.
  • The bicyclist:  A pedestrian may be held accountable for the accident in some instances. A pedestrian who darts between two parked cars without looking for oncoming traffic would be an example.

The Driver is not always wrong

The driver may not always be to blame when a pedestrian accident occurs. The crosswalk’s location and the road’s design can also cause a pedestrian accident. It is the responsibility of those who design and maintain public crosswalks to consider pedestrian safety.

They could also be held responsible for a pedestrian accident if they fail to do so and the crosswalk is unsafe. Engineering firms and government agencies are examples of potential defendants in crosswalk location negligence cases.

If you’ve been harmed while crossing the road, let a passerby mishap legal counselor at our own physical issue law office assist you with figuring out who is to blame.

Accidents are rare

Accidents are never easy to get into. However, what follows the accident is the most challenging aspect. It can be stressful and confusing to deal with the insurance company, recover from a severe injury, take time off from work, and even handle estate matters. You might wonder if hiring a pedestrian accident attorney is worthwhile after any car accident.

However, it would be best if you had the assistance of a seasoned personal injury law firm for your pedestrian accident claim because of all these factors. In addition to safeguarding your claim, Munley Law can assist pedestrian accident victims in dealing with insurance companies.

Accidents that can cause damage

Accidents with pedestrians cost money. Not only do you have to think about the bills right now, but you also must think about the costs in the future, like long-term medical care. Yes, you may be dealing with a significant debt, which can be settled quickly. However, if you settle now, you must pay any upcoming bills out of your pocket.

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