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Digital Signage Comparison: KiwiSign vs. Other Options

digital signage comparison

It’s true that digital signage has become an essential aspect of advertising in today’s fast-paced world, but not all systems are equal. With KiwiSign, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own hardware or even coding if you don’t want to. But how does it stand up against other options? We compare KiwiSign against two leading competitors so you can decide if our product will work best for you and your business or organization.

Design & Development:

What makes one digital signage provider better than another? And what makes one more suitable for your organization? When it comes to comparing digital signage providers and platforms, there are several things you should consider when making a decision that’s right for your business. This guide looks at different features to compare in depth and help you figure out which is best for you.

Total Cost:

The sign business is exploding with many players and small businesses jumping on to take advantage of digital signage’s huge potential revenue gains, but what is it really worth? Your business will want to set up a full digital sign system, one that includes all of these elements – displays, software, and a server. Here is an approximate breakdown of costs for your first setup: _ (total cost). At times it seems like there are more choices than you can handle when trying to select a digital sign provider or service provider. This can be both good and bad for you as a business owner looking for effective solutions in today’s market that complement your products or services without costing too much money… etc…

Web browsers (Chrome / Firefox):

Use our easy-to-use dashboard and create powerful content in under 5 minutes, or use our API to integrate with your own system and take control of all aspects of your digital signage display. With an extremely simple user experience that is controlled through a web browser, you can get going quickly without any specialized knowledge or coding skills required! Mobile apps for Android & iOS: Take control of your business from anywhere, whether it’s showing off new products at trade shows or running remote sales presentations by having instant access to manage all of your signs from anywhere at any time. Keep in mind that Web browsers can be used as well as menu board controllers you prefer using a laptop or desktop computer to design content on those devices instead of using our mobile app versions; they’re both equally easy and intuitive to use!

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iPhones / iPads (iOS):

Our CMS integration is a powerful and simple way for you to control content in real-time from your website, allowing you to add and edit content from a single location, as opposed to having to make changes on separate platforms or systems. If you would like to start advertising your business digitally with digital signs, we would recommend looking into our CMS integration package first; it’s a cost-effective solution for increasing customer loyalty and repeats business that’s backed by outstanding customer service via email or phone 24/7. Our platform also allows for pay-per-view purchasing so that your sign can share dynamic content without requiring ongoing payments. That’s right – users only need access when they purchase through our system!

Android Phones/Tablets (Android):

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, there’s good news and bad news—the bad news is that you can only use KiwiSign if you jailbreak your device (you will void your warranty by doing so); however, if you don’t mind voiding warranties, it isn’t hard to do and can be done in less than 15 minutes with full instructions online. You’ll also need a high-speed Internet connection. The good news is that when it’s set up, sign messages appear instantly on your device (no lag) and you can swipe between multiple slides at once to control all of them at once; messages are sent straight to your device so there’s no need for phone service—ideal for signs located outdoors.

Complex Content Management System (CMS) Integration:

In addition to an intuitive, powerful interface for easy control over one or many signs, many digital signage services require you to have a deep knowledge of web development in order to integrate your CMS with your content. It can be difficult to find someone who is both a coder and familiar with digital signage technologies and how they work, so even if you outsource it’s still not simple – and potentially costly as well. With KiwiSign, our team created a modular system that allows us to build integrations quickly and easily without having to hire expensive developers or designers – meaning you don’t have to either!

iPad Only Apps And Products:

Digital signage has become increasingly popular over recent years, as marketers and store owners realize how effective it can be at grabbing their customer’s attention. But digital displays can be a pain to manage on a store’s budget – whether they’re made by AT&T or some third-party developer, they are expensive, especially when you need multiple screens in a high-traffic location. That is why alternative solutions like mobile apps are so attractive – they cost a fraction of what it takes to deploy digital signage solutions on walls, and they’re extremely easy to update remotely too! We put two leading iPad apps through their paces – one that turns your iDevice into an all-in-one digital screen, and another which can transform an iPad into any size display… read more here…

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