[Detailed Guide] How to Mirror An Android Screen to Other Devices?

[Detailed Guide] How to Mirror An Android Screen to Other Devices?

[Detailed Guide] How to Mirror An Android Screen to Other Devices?

Q: How to Screen Mirror on Android?
Most presumably while watching films on a little screen, we wish to have an enormous screen with excellent video results, around then the main thing that rung a bell is to mirror our Android screen onto a big screen.

This multitude of cases can be very much managed utilizing various tools and applications that can project your screen. We should examine exhaustively a few techniques that we can use to realize best free casting app for android to other devices.

1 :Advantages of Screen Mirroring
2 :How to Mirror Android to television?
3 :How to Mirror Android Screen to Computer?(PC/Mac)hot-tip
4 :How to Mirror starting with One Android then onto the next Android?
5 :How to Mirror Android Telephone to iPhone?
6 :What Are Contrasts among Mirroring,Casting and Streaming?
7 :End and FAQs

  1. Advantages of Screen Mirroring


Watching films on a little Android screen is bothering, so you can utilize screen mirroring innovation to watch your motion pictures on the big screen by interfacing your Android gadget with it.

Official Gatherings

Utilizing this advanced innovation of screen mirroring, you can have your authority exhibition or introductions on a big screen with the best quality. This will have a generally excellent impact in your group and senior management.

Online Talks

Instructors’ work has been limited with this innovation. They can convey remote talks to their kids by offering their screens to their devices. Screen mirroring has given open doors to additional understudies to get instruction more straightforward in any way whatsoever.

  1. How to Mirror Android to television?
    There are different strategies to mirror Android on your television. It very well may be done basically by utilizing straightforward underlying elements in most Android devices. Savvy Thing is an underlying component in most Android devices. You can likewise utilize outsider applications for Android screen mirroring.

Steps of mirroring Android to television

Stage 1.
Open the Settings tab on both the devices
Go to the setting of both your Android telephone and the television and quest for the screen mirror choice. On Android, you will get the choice “Cast”, while on television you will get this choice named “Master Settings”.

Stage 2.
Empower the Screen Mirror choice
Then, at that point, empower the screen mirror tab choice on both the devices. On television you will get this choice named “Wi-Fi Direct” from where you can open the screen mirror choice.

Stage 3.
Select the other interfacing gadget
Look for your television gadget from the rundown shown on your Android and do a similar errand on your television and select your Android gadget. In the wake of choosing both the devices, you can start the association methodology and whenever it is finished, your Android screen will be shown on the associated television.

Can I screen mirror Android to television without Wi-Fi?
Indeed, you can screen mirror on Android to television even without Wi-Fi. This is made conceivable utilizing a HDMI link. Just associate one finish of the HMDI link to the television and the other with your Android telephone.

For Android, some telephone as of now has a miniature HDMI port and you can essentially utilize it to interface it to the television. However, in the event that your Android telephone doesn’t have that port then you utilize a connector to associate with that HDMI link and then, at that point, you can see your Android screen on the television.

  1. How to Mirror Android Screen to PC? (PC/Macintosh)
    Here are the two different ways for mirror Android to PC utilizing the AirDroid Cast.

Stage 1.
Download AirDroid Cast on both your devices
Right off the bat, click “Attempt It Free” button underneath to download AirDroid Cast on both your Android telephone and PC. It can likewise be found in Google Play Store. After establishment, you can pick an association way from underneath notice:

Stage 2.
Interface your Android telephone to PC/Macintosh
Through WLAN

One method for interfacing your Android to a PC is through the neighborhood/remote organization. Scan the code or cast code on your Android gadget from the PC. Empower projecting from both the gadget as the authorization will be inquired.

USB Link

You can favor a USB link in the event that the devices are extremely close to one another and this will save you from an organization changes of some kind or another. Subsequent to joining the USB link, a spring up will show up on your screen. You will permit admittance to your PC and likewise tick-mark on “Consistently take into account this PC” so you don’t need to permit it each time you are interfacing.

Stage 3.
Begin mirroring
After association, you can begin mirroring your cell phone to the PC. Also, to control your Android telephone from computer,simply click the hand symbol of the left side.

Screen controlling element.
It can project Android, iOS, Windows, and Macintosh gadget screens.
Two-way sound element with a simple to-utilize interface.

  1. How to Mirror starting with One Android then onto the next Android?
    You can utilize an outsider application to mirror starting with one Android then onto the next Android.

Detailed Advances:
Stage 1.
Introduce and send off the application
Introduce the application and send off Apowermirror on the two devices.

Stage 2.
Look for the other gadget
Click on the “Wi-Fi” tab from one gadget to look through out the other gadget in the rundown that will be shown underneath in the wake of looking.
Stage 3.
Select the gadget
Perhaps you will be shown more than one gadget. In this way, you really want to choose your desired one to mirror.

Stage 4.
Begin Mirroring
Click on the chose gadget and then, at that point, press the “Mirror” button. At long last, click on the “Begin Currently” button and appreciate mirroring.

  1. How to Mirror Android Telephone to iPhone?
    If you want to know how to Mirror an Android telephone to iPhone, then utilize the AirDroid Cast web tool. The following are a couple of moves toward use it:

Stage 1.
Download AirDroid Cast on your Android telephone
Download the AirDroid Cast application on your Android telephone and associate both your Android and iOS gadget under a similar Wi-Fi.

  1. What Are the Distinctions between Mirroring, Projecting, and Streaming?
    Screen Projecting

In screencasting, just the substance is played not the entire screen.
Performing multiple tasks is conceivable while playing any happy on another gadget.
The two screens will likewise show similar outcomes.


In mirroring, the entire screen is shown on the other gadget.
Performing various tasks is unimaginable, as a similar screen is shown on the other gadget.
The two screens will show similar outcomes.


Streaming is the live broadcast of any occasion held anywhere on the planet utilizing the web.
With streaming, different celebrations, grant shows, political capabilities, and sports matches are shown live.

  1. End and FAQs
    In this article, we have examined what is screen mirroring and how to screen mirror on Android utilizing various applications and mediums. Then, at that point, we examined the extremely essential distinction between three important terms that are vital to acknowledge for understanding this topic. Far to mirror Android on another Android and iPhone are additionally talked about. AirDroid Cast is viewed as the best application for screen mirroring as it empowers us to mirror screens as well as empowers us to control our versatile screen on a PC.

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