Where you work significantly impacts how you work – your ability to focus (and stay focused) and overall productivity. That means the design of your office, whether you work from home or in a larger company, is critical.

According to workplace and productivity studies, the most critical factor determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment. Indeed, it has been claimed that a well-designed office can boost productivity by 20%. Despite the studies and statistics, nearly half of the employers polled believe workplace design is not a good business investment.

So, what exactly is a productivity hack? What if you work in an environment that discourages concentration? Examine these factors and make any necessary changes. A minor change can have a significant impact.


If you’ve ever sat at a desk to work but found yourself adjusting, stretching, and moving too much to stay focused, you understand the significance of having an adequately fitted table and chair. In today’s work environment, where many of us spend most of our time sitting, it is critical that your throne fits your body. Consider the following quick ergonomic checks:

  • 24-36 inches away from the computer screen. The monitor’s top should be below or at eye level.
  • The feet should be resting on a footrest or the floor.
  • Sit in a slightly reclined chair to relieve pressure on your spine and reduce lower back pain.

If you work in a corporate office, request adjustable ergonomic chairs from office furniture dubai. If you need it, add pillows for your lower back or bum. Many businesses will also sell computer risers, which allow you to adjust the height of your computer screen.

If you work from home, invest in a good chair or use a few pillows to make the chair more comfortable. Add pillows to your chair if the table is too high. If it is too low, consider purchasing leg risers from your local hardware store and raising the screen with books beneath your computer. Make use of a separate keyboard. If you are considering buying nice chairs from your home office, visit office furniture today.


Give yourself more than one space to work from if you can. Putting yourself in a new environment with new qualities and things to look at literally shifts your brain and helps you focus.

Many offices provide a variety of working environments, including your personal space, lobbies, break-out rooms, conference rooms, kitchens, eating areas, and, if you’re lucky, lounge areas. Use all of these areas to change your routine. Make sure your boss is aware of this, so they don’t think you’re slacking off and can see that you’re getting more done!

If you work from home, add a comfortable couch or chair to the room if you work at a desk. Consider more creative ways to change your work environment if your space is less flexible or small. Rotate the photos on your walls every few days. Place yourself on the opposite side of your desk. Purchase a lamp and a variety of colored bulbs. Alternatively, you could work in a café, a library, or a park.


Have you ever been working hard only to be interrupted by a brilliant idea? You try to ignore it at first, but before you know it, you’re 20 pages into an online search. Ideas should be encouraged and nurtured, but when they occur during another task, they can be highly distracting. Instead, make a location for your ideas easily accessible from your workspace.

Keep pads of paper around the office, have a chalk wall, and get a whiteboard – when you have a spark of inspiration, write it down immediately to get it out of your head, then return to the task at hand. Then, at the end of the day or whenever you have free time, gather your ideas and go over them. With some time and space, you can determine whether it’s worthwhile to pursue or if it’s better to put it on the back burner. Keep your sheets organized by buying the best furniture in Dubai from office plus.

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