Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape Pen in 2023

Delta 10 disposable vape pen, also named delta 10 thc disposable vape pen, is a one-time use vape that contains the cartridge and battery together for delta 10 oil, which is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of delta 10 vaping without having to buy the cartridge and battery separately and deal with all the vape problems. With this disposable vape pen, you can enjoy an amazing taste and high-quality vapor production in just one use! 

When we were the first to receive a wholesale inquiry to launch the Delta 10 disposable vape pen, we were shocked by this new compound and its effects and we had no idea about it. Even during the distillation process, the catalyst is also a secret for many processors. Fewer processors hold specific knowledge and skills to extract Delta-10 THC. Since we already successfully provided our vaping disposable vape devices to Delta 10 THC customers and wholesalers, we decided to share our experience with our peers and industry participators from the cannabis vaporizer manufacturer side.

What is Delta-10 THC?

As we know, Delta-10 THC has similar psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with traditional cannabis use. That is to say, Delta-10 THC is similar to Delta-9 THC and has anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite-stimulating, and stress-reducing properties. On the law side, Delta-10 THC is legal from hemp drive plants but illegal from cannabis drive. Therefore, it means most CBD companies are qualified to produce Delta-10 THC.

What Are The Benefits Of Delta 10 THC ?

Delta 10 has not been analyzed by medical researchers to determine its unique properties and the benefits of delta-10 THC . What we can say now is that delta-10 THC is a cannabinoid, and most cannabinoids are associated with mood-boosting properties, which means that it is used by the body’s endocrine system in a similar way to other cannabinoids such as CBD and delta 8 THC. delta 10 THC is psychoactive and regulates specific bodily processes by binding to cannabinoid receptors. The benefits of delta 10 THC are as follows.

  • Pain relief
  • Energizing
  • Relieves stress
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Relaxes mood
  • Boosts mood and energy
  • Mental pleasure
  • Nerve protection
  • Promotes socialization and creativity 

Why recommend Delta 10 THC Disposable for you

  • More Efficient, A disposable vaporizer is a more efficient way to get the delta 10 THC.
  • More convenient, Vaping is a lot more convenient as there’s no need to carry anything around aside from the disposable vape pen itself. 
  • Easier to use, they are easier to take with you after fully charged, and also small enough to be stashed deep into bags and purses.
  • Healthier, no combustion is used to heat up the delta 10 THC with a disposable vape pen, no harmful toxins are created in the process of vaping. 

Suitable Disposable Vape Pen for Delta-10 THC

Delta-10 THC Disposable Vape: CILICON SOLO

You must know CILICON’s SOLO if you dived into the disposable vape market in 2021. SOLO has become one of the iconic vaping devices in the disposable vape world, and now it has been upgraded with bringing more features.

  • 0.5mL/1.0mL/ 2.0mL/3.0mL Oil Tank
  • Dual airflow to prevent clogging
  • 5Ω Resistance
  • 2*1.8mm intake hole (can be adjusted)
  • 2W Output Power
  • Microfeel® Ceramic Heating Technology
  • Biobaleen ModuleTM

Why recommend Solo for Delta 10 THC?

As widely known, clogging is a common issue during vaping cannabis extracts, and it would more likely happen when the oil tank is larger. The SOLO is upgraded with dual airflow to prevent clogging. The auxiliary air path would be activated when the main airflow is clogged by oil with high viscosity. This small and smart design helps improve consumer experience and reduce after-sales service cost, and it lets brands become outstanding in the market. And, Solo heats with Microfeel® ceramic heating coil which brings smooth and cloudy vaping experience. Besides, larger oil tanks such as 2.0ml and 3.0ml fit in the market trend while it has already gained numerous positive evaluations from consumers. Besides, new SOLO series adopt Biobaleen ModuleTM which can help reduce 99% spit-back problems.

Delta-10 THC Disposable Vape Pen: Cilicon Edge1

EDGE 1 is the brand-new attempt of a disposable vape device that comes in a larger capacity that can withhold 2mL of vape extracts compared to other disposable cannabis vaporizers in the cannabis market. The evolutionary development of Delta-10 THC cannabis market has initiated and accelerated a brand-new trend for cannabis vapers in seeking larger oil tank volume. While traditional consumers are adapting to a versatile and efficiency-focused future, the new generation is longing for cannabis vaporizers with large capacity. These arising demands require futuristic products backed by cutting-edge conceptual philosophies. EDGE 1’s superior product design and outstanding vaporization performance with a larger capacity are preconditions for a surging revenue that fulfill both conventional and modern vaporizer market.

  • Dimension:22mm×9.5mm×118mm
  • Tank Volume:2.0mL
  • Battery Capacity:280mAh
  • Resistance:1.3Ω
  • Output Power:9.8W/8.2W/6.2W
  • Intake Hole:2×Φ1.8 mm
  • Coil Material: Formatrix™ Ceramic Coil
  • Central Post: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Mouthpiece Material: Food Grade PC
  • Tank Material:Food Grade PCTG
  • Battery Housing: Aluminum Alloy
  • Charging:Micro USB
  • Activation: Button Activated
  • Tip Type: Snap In

Features of Edge1 for Delta 10 THC

1.Large Oil-Tank Volume

The EDGE 1 is a volume-enlarged disposable vape pen yet compact design that comes with a 2mL gram capacity, extending your vaping time in exchange for higher satisfaction and a cost-effective experience without the extra mass. The enlarged oil tank is even hidden internally to reduce the bulky appearance. The elastic material and paint give every user a soft-touch and rubbery texture, making it easy and comfortable to hold daily. If you are looking for an extra tip of vaping time without compromising its elegant look, EDGE 1 will be your best friend as it offers a range of customizable options just to suit your liking! 

2.Unique Mouthpiece design

EDGE 1 is a product that redefines a vaporizer’s body versus its mouthpiece ratio in size. This slim and uniquely large iconic mouthpiece creates immense differentiated appearance value among other cannabis vaporizers. The section of the mouthpiece accounts for 25% of the overall length of the entire device to provide vapers with a robust and highly satisfying vaping experience.

3.Pressure Switch Adjustment

We explore factors that lower the usability rate of large-capacity vaporizers and integrate the classical button-activated design with a range of product functions to make it user-friendly. It is designed to focus on its dose protection and provide a pre-heat mode to reduce the oil leakage and spit-back issues for cannabis users.

Delta-10 THC Disposable Vape Pen: Cilicon Lit

Cilicon Lit is a minimal and ergonomic disposable, and comes in a series of technological designs to provide a safe and superior vaping experience.

  • Size:14.00mm*88.30mm(0.5mL)
  • 0.5mL/1.0mL/1.5mL/2.0mL/3.0mL Oil Tank
  • 25Ω Resistance
  • 2W Output Power
  • 4*Φ1.5mm Intake Hole (can be adjusted)
  • ForMatrex™ Ceramic Heating coil

Mainly Features of Cilicon Lit

  1. A tiny and smart disposable vaporizer

Created with ergonomics in mind, LIT has been uniquely designed like a little rocket which provides a powerful vaping experience. It’s tiny as a lighter so even small-hands consumers can also hold it easily. Covered with soft rubber paints, Lit’s touch is gentle and comfortable. By employing the panoramic glass window, Lit ensures users can observe changes on THC oil volume in the vaping device, and it can prevent users inhaling it when oil runs out.

  1. Avoid overburning, bring natural taste and smell of cannabis

Cilicon utilizes the ForMatrex™ Technology in its new-launched vaping device, the ForMatrex™ is the newest heating technology invested by the Cilicon. It aims to meet the changing needs of cannabis vape pen users and producers. In addition, the Matrex™ ceramic heating core redefine the standard in a number of the most critical categories for industry production efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Ceramic heating cores become increasingly popular in the industry over the last decade, and the Matrex™ core improves the possibilities of the consumer vaping experience. Cilicon’s Matrex™ Ceramic is used to offer a vaping experience that is efficient, smooth, and takes use of the natural taste and fragrance of cannabis that consumers enjoy.

Ceramic heating cores have a number of advantages over cores that use a cotton wick wrapped around a metal coil. For example, When compared to a cotton wick, all ceramic heating cores reduce the risk of overheating or dry hits. All ceramic heating cores preserve the natural flavor of cannabis oil better. All ceramic cores are a healthy method to minimize the intake of heavy metals or other pollutants. Furthermore, ceramic has higher strength and can tolerate high temperatures, resulting in greater manufacturing efficiency and long-term durability.


CILICON was born with one dream: to improve everyday lives through vaporization technology, with innovation, enthusiasm, and compassion. We are tired of inferior products driving out high-quality products and messing with the market. Therefore, CILICON was founded without compromise on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Innovation is in our blood, CILICON derives a game-changing CILICON DESIGNED platform to generate diverse cannabis vaporizer options available for increasing customer brand competitiveness from the crowd. For CILICON, Your Brand Success is Our priority, Your Customer Satisfaction Matters!

To find out more about CILICON technologies, please visit our website at 

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