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Deep cleaning is not the same as regular cleaning. All of the filth, dust, and grime that have accumulated over time are removed during this more comprehensive cleaning. Deep cleaning is frequently done before to a significant occasion or holiday, but it can also be done frequently to maintain your home’s appearance and fragrance.

There are a few things you will need to deep clean your home: gloves, a face mask, a cleaning solution, and a vacuum cleaner. You will also need to clear out any clutter so you can easily access all the areas that need to be cleaned.

Dust all surfaces first, including baseboards, blinds, and ceiling fans. After that, vacuum all upholstered furniture and rugs. Moving the furniture will allow you to vacuum underneath it as well. Next, use a mop and cleaner to clean all hard floors. Clean up the kitchen and all bathrooms last. Clean the showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets. Clean the appliances, cabinets, and counters.

What does deep cleaning include ?

Living Room Deep Clean

Our maids remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling, walls, ceiling fans, frames and doors. Clean all windows, sliding glass doors and tracks. Clean and dust lamps, pictures, mirrors and light fixtures. Move all furniture and clean under each item. We empty bookshelves, cabinets, drawers and then restocked neatly. Residential Cleaning, Residential Household Cleaning, Household Cleaning, Commercial Housekeeping

Kitchen Deep Clean

The kitchen harbors more germs than any other place in the house. That’s why special detailed cleaning is required. We clean your refrigerator inside and outside. Remove the shelves and drawers, clean the drip pan and bottom grill. Clean the floor of all dirt. Completely clean oven, stove top, burner trays, oven drawer, pull out stove and clean food from under it. Clean inside and outside of the microwave and counters. We also clean all appliances such as can opener, toaster, coffee pots, etc. Sweep and clean the dirt from floor. Clean all window sills and grease from blinds. Residential Household Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Stripping and Polishing, Window Cleaning

Bathrooms Deep Clean

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