Dash Cam Front and Rear – How Dash Cams Can Speed Up Insurance Claims

front and rear dash cams

Whether an accident occurs or your car gets vandalized or stolen, clear video evidence speeds up insurance claims and lightens the severity of verdicts. You can also use the cameras to record spectacular landscapes and wildlife if you’re on a road trip.

The Nexbase 622GW features a 4K front camera for the best possible capture quality with built-in image stabilization and a choice of rear cam options. It even supports Alexa, Emergency SOS and What3words integration.

Recording everything

Dash cams are a simple, convenient and affordable way to record your journeys. These little marvels can be installed on your car’s windshield and work by recording directly onto an SD card. When the SD card is full, it automatically starts recording over the oldest data, so you never lose any footage.

Most of these devices come with other useful features such as night vision, parked car monitoring to safeguard your vehicle while it’s unattended, and even voice control for hands-free operation. This makes them easy to use and a true set-and-forget device.

In cases where the other driver blames you for an accident, your insurance company will appreciate having clear footage of what really happened. This can save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

Keeping an eye on your loved ones

If you have children or elderly parents, dash cams are a great way to keep an eye on them while they’re driving. They can also be useful in the event of a road traffic accident, as they record footage that proves who was responsible. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

In addition to recording video footage, some dash cams can also save data onto a microSD card or through cloud connectivity. This can come in handy if your camera is damaged or stolen, as the content will still be available to you.

Some high-end dash cams also feature GPS, which allows them to log your speed and location. This can be a helpful tool, but it may also work against you if you are caught speeding. This is why it is important to review your state’s laws before purchasing a dash cam. You may want to consider a lower-end model that does not include this feature.

Keeping an eye on your car

Dash cams are not only popular with parents of young drivers but also fleet managers looking to keep their business running smoothly. When it comes to insurance claims, clear video evidence can drastically speed up the process, reducing the severity of verdicts and also bringing costs down for companies.

Some dash cams can even record when the vehicle is parked. This can be useful if you get scammed by parking pranksters, or if your car gets hit in a car park. You can use this footage to catch the perpetrators and make sure they pay for the damage.

Look for a camera that has good resolution, a wide-angle front camera (130 or 170 degrees is ideal), shock detection, loop recording, 24-hour parking monitor, and GPS. Many of the top-rated front and rear dash cams on our list feature these features. It’s also important to note that most states have laws against putting anything on your windshield that obstructs the driver’s view of the road, so check your local laws before installing your dash cam.

Keeping an eye on the road

Even if you are a careful driver who follows the written and unwritten rules of the road, bad drivers can still ruin your day. A dash cam helps you keep a track of what happens on the road. If someone tries to pin an accident on you, your dash cam will help you prove that it wasn’t your fault.

Most dash cameras come with a LCD screen so that you can instantly review your footage. However, if you want to save space and money, consider going for a model without a screen. These will also work just as well.

Some of the best dash cams feature a GPS to log your speed and location. These can be useful if you are using your dash cam to fight speeding tickets or other violations. You can also find models that offer night vision and sensors to help you park your car safely. Some even have a parking mode that will start recording whenever the camera detects an impact while your car is parked.

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