Common Causes of Anxiety Among Children

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Mental disorders are very common nowadays. Your children are very vulnerable to these disorders as they are very sensitive. They feel things more deeply than an adult person and therefore, the chances of getting mental disorders are pretty high in them. There are several types of mental issues that can affect your children. If you feel your children are having issues with sleeping, changed behavior, and difficulty in learning, then it means they have some serious mental disorders.

Anxiety is one of the common mental issues that can be observed in your children. It will make them scared of several things. Furthermore, they will become irritable and angry due to huge changes in their behavior. Getting proper treatment from a child psychiatrist is the best way to handle such situations.

However, avoiding the reasons that are causing anxiety will too prove effective against it. For that purpose, you must know the causes of skepticism. Following is the complete explanation of the causes of anxiety among children. 

Children Genetic Reasons

Your family history is one of the main reasons your children are having anxiety disorders. There is a possibility that anxiety is a congenital disorder in your family. Therefore, it keeps on traveling from generation to generation. Sometimes, its impacts may not be shown in the first few generations. But with time, alleles for anxiety will become dominant and your grandchildren may have serious anxiety problems. However, if it’s a genetic issue in your children, it will not start without any reason. Some other reasons will stimulate it and then it will become harder to control it.

Frequent Home Changing

You may have to change your residence due to several reasons. Job is one of the prime factors behind it. However, it will not work well for your children. They have to move to a new place after a few times and then start settling in the new place. Then again they have to move. They will start finding it hard to develop relations at new places after every 6 or 12 months. 

Leaving their home again and again along with the friends they make at different places will affect their mental condition. They will start living alone and can develop anxiety. 

Change of Schools

Sometimes you have to change your children’s school due to several reasons. This may not be beneficial for your kids. They may start getting bullied by some old students in their new school. Similarly, they may not like teachers or their teaching methods. The lack of non-judgmental staff in the school will too have a bad impact on the brains of your children. This will lead to anxiety in them. 

Death of Some Closer One

Death is a part of life. However, children are not able to understand it. The demise of someone closer will impact your children’s mental conditions. It usually happens in the case of some relatives that are very close to your children. Similarly, when a friend of your children dies, it too leaves a bad impact on their overall health.

Children are not able to accept the death of their loved ones and as a result, they start developing anxiety. Book an appointment with an experienced psychiatrist at Camali Clinic Dubai and discuss the issue to handle such situations.

Fight Between Parents

Sometimes parents may start fighting each other due to different opinions or other issues. Things will settle between them after a few times. However, if it’s a routine in your home, then your children will definitely have some anxiety disorders. They will not like your fight against each other and assume different things on their own. As a result, they will remain feared most of the time which is a clear sign of anxiety. 

Prolonged Physical Disorder

Sometimes your children may have some injury due to an accident or other prolonged disorder. They have to leave most of their regular activities in such conditions. This may lead them to get anxious.


Try to avoid all these reasons for a better cure of anxiety among your children. However, some of the reasons are uncontrollable. Therefore the best option is to get in contact with a child psychologist in Dubai and get your children treated properly.

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