Clearing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a healing technique where crystals are placed all around or on the body of the receiver. This healing technique has been in use since immemorial times where it was used to heal and to restore the body’s energy. These crystals help the body to release and get rid of negative energy therefore promoting energy healing in the process.

The earliest proof of this kind of healing goes back to Ancient Egypt while in India, there exists Ayurvedic records. In China, It has been used for the last 5000 years or so.

Crystals have been described as nature’s gift to humankind to boost healing. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes and compositions. Each and every crystal is unique in its own way, for example, every crystal has an exceptional vibrational resonance. Their mineral content, the colors they emit and their inherent geometry all contribute to the uniqueness of each and everyone of them.

Crystals and the Human Body – The Connection

The human body has a vibrational energy system otherwise known as a complex electromagnetic system. Thanks to nature, crystals are excellent electromagnetic conductors that are very much capable of interrelating with the human electromagnetic system. Crystals healing are believed to carry vibration that will activate various energy centers inside the human electromagnetic system affecting the entire body system positively in the process.

Crystal Healing – Crystal Clearing

There are times however when a crystal that once attracted someone strongly doesn’t seem to do so any longer. When this happens to be the case, the crystal may need to be cleared. It is important to have a stone or crystal cleared before using it because it is only then that it can emit or discharge all its powers. When a crystal is cleared, it emits positive and bright emotions whereas a blocked crystal will feel cold and tingly. However, a blocked crystal or one that needs to be cleared may at times feel hot, drained or heavy.

In crystal healing, there are a number of ways in which crystals and gemstones are cleared and they include the following:

• Smudging – this is a quick and effective way to clear a crystal or a gemstone where they are smudged with burning cedar or sage.

• Moonlight – this is also an effective way of clearing the crystals. It simply involves placing them outside in the full-new moon. To dispel energies, waning moons are recommended but any time can do as well. The recommended amount of time will depend on the healer and his or her sensitivity and also at the size of the crystal or stone. Hanging a crystal on a tree out in the moonlight is a good idea.

Other ways include burying the crystal deep into the earth especially when deep clearing is required and blowing at the crystal with your breath. It is believed that for crystal healing to be effective, the crystals and gemstones need to be cleared by an experienced healer.

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