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Choosing the best exhibition stand builder is the most important decision you have to make when showcasing at an exhibition. When people start looking for exhibition stands, they find many stand builders. This makes it difficult to choose an exhibition stand design company to create the stand you need. Choosing a stand builder is essential to ensure the best quality and adapt it to your company’s needs and budget.

Why? Because we are many and we are all good at different things. So how do you choose? However, you can better decide by knowing which features you should look for in a stand builder. If you are attending an exhibition, an exhibition stand is essential to engage your customers and achieve your goals.

Ways that can help you to select the best-suited Exhibition Booth Builder

A good place to start is by attending an exhibition. For some, the main goal is to sell products, while others want to get as much exposure and build brand awareness as possible. Don’t go to an event with the hat of a corporate decision-maker; go as a prospective exhibitor. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, choosing the right stand builder is a crucial step in the success of your event. Check out the best exhibition stands. Here are the things to consider when choosing a stand construction company.

Good experience in the industry

What other companies have stand builders worked with? Have they already worked with other companies in your industry? Companies specializing in stand design are active in a wide variety of industries. The company has relevant experience in features, materials, design, and layout and knows what best appeals to your audience and industry practices. You can also give yourself a competitive edge by letting them know about the show you’re attending. Check out their portfolio and client list to ensure they’ve worked with big names in your field.

Storage/Production Space

Once your space is booked, you must choose an exhibition booth builder that offers quality production space for the construction. Get up. In addition, the company must have a warehouse to store the stand safely and control the entire production process. Your chosen service provider should also maximize your budget to deliver the best product.

Take your time to choose the cheapest!

The adage “You get what you pay for” applies to exhibitions no less than most things in life. Of course, the cost is extremely important, but you need to be aware that contractors who initially seem cheaper than the competition will find ways to inflate costs once the contract is signed. Small changes can suddenly result in disproportionate costs and additional fees.

You may imagine buying an entire stand but later realize that you only own a small portion of the exhibit and need to factor in future rental costs. The reality is that quality products and impeccable finishes are costly, and when you go for the cheapest deal, you need to be sure you understand why and why it is way cheaper than the competition.

Read the contract carefully. Check later what the additional costs for changes and variations are. Make it clear what you get for your money. Make sure which parts of the stand you will have after the Showcase and which parts are rented and owned by your exhibition company.

Geographical Location

Geographical location plays a big role in selecting the right exhibition stand provider for your marketing campaign. Keep logistics costs under control. If you decide not to choose a contractor nearby, it will impact your budget or increase your expenses in some way.


Your stand can ruin or ruin your show. Crowds can flock to see what you offer, giving you plenty of options to build relationships, increase brand awareness and generate leads. Or maybe you come to the show, and it turns out that your stand hasn’t arrived yet, doesn’t comply with the regulations, or doesn’t look like the mock-up you sold. The results can be disastrous. That’s why you need a reliable stand builder—someone you can trust to showcase your brand. As we see in many industries, there are supplier operators who talk about a great game but don’t deliver to your stand. Yes, they will have a great website with still photos, but you should always see their work in person before committing to a project.

Will you order a stand?

When your exhibition stands contractor of choice works independently, there will be no concerns about quality and reliability. You have chosen a specific company for their work, not for a third party. It is therefore very important to know exactly who will be designing and building your exhibition stand and whether you have the same confidence in the quality of their work. If you still need to, you should raise your concerns with the desired company or look for a company to manage projects in-house.

Consider the cost

Be especially vigilant when an outfitter offers a very low price compared to its competitors. Do you know that quality comes at a price? If someone offers you a lower price or the quality of the product is low, you will be charged additional or hidden payments in the future.

Perhaps you think you have a complete stand. In reality, however, the amount you pay will only get you a little. You may have to pay more to finish your stand the way you want. Therefore, carefully analyze the average market price of the product you want, and then choose a product that is within your budget.


References can give you a good idea of ​​the company’s reputation and history. For a better understanding and understanding of the company’s service quality, approach and process, and customer service level, if the company achieved the goal and met the deadline, then read the brief carefully and if the customer is happy with the finished product and did well at the show, ask for references. Experience, portfolio, services, price, and references are the most important factors when choosing contractors for exhibitions and stands.


An important aspect of effectively sending a message to the targeted audience should contain graphical representations. We encourage you to choose a company that manufactures exhibition stands using modern techniques to incorporate graphics and other factors to provide the best service. The selected stand builder must pay attention to every aspect of every detail to ensure the best results for your exhibition stand.

Is there a demand for your services?

This can easily be determined with a little research. Exhibition stands builders whose services are in demand need to have new designs available for new and existing clients constantly. They should be able to post this information so their projects and their clients can be seen. A good stand designer should be able to design stands for many industries, and each design should be unique to the company’s brand, services, and products. Have a glance at the online portfolio or brochure will tell you if the company only recycles the same thing projects, components, and products or when each stand is truly bespoke and designed considering individual customers’ needs.

Hire the right stand builder; don’t save money by hiring a newbie, so if you are looking for a stand builder for upcoming shows, search here. We offer you some very useful tips to find the ideal salon partner. Expo Stand Services is your ideal stand builder in Europe, offering an impeccable range of exhibition stands design services. We established ourselves as a leading exhibition stand builder that designs custom exhibition stands.

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