Choose App Like Gojek for Multi-ServiceBusiness

Offering multiple services on a single platform has helped thousands of people to live stress-
free life. Literally! With a single-time installation, people are now able to book taxi rides, order
food, get their groceries at home, book an appointment with the doctor, etc. YES! An app like
Gojek is that wand of magic that enables your customers to book 101+ on-demand services.

Which services can be booked through this app? Don’t worry, the entire blog talks about the
different services available on the app.

Let’s begin.
Futuristic Gojek Clone App Services to Offer
The app offers a wide range of services to customers so that they can easily get their chores
done without worrying about driving to a location to get the thing.

Not only food, groceries, or medicines, but this app also enables them to book at-home car
washing services, hire plumbers, and so much more.
Booking a moto ride
With this app, your customers can book a moto ride from their location to another drop-off point
in the city. Booking moto rides is the best option for when customers want to reach their
destination quickly.

With Gojek Clone App, customers can book a moto ride from X to Y location and also add
multiple stop-over points if they want to. Using this feature, they can pause the ride and eat or
shop accordingly.

Hire a massage therapist
Your customers can now hire a massage therapist easily and quickly using this application.
By selecting the massage therapist from the menu, the customers will be able to see the entire
list of all the available professionals in the area. From the list, they can choose to see any profile
they want and based on that shortlist the best therapist for themselves.

Customers can compare the profiles based on the professional’s experience, ratings & reviews,
portfolios, etc.

Also, they can see therapists’ service charges on the same screen.
Online video consultation with a doctor
Consulting with the doctor has become much easier. Now, customers don’t need to visit the
doctor’s clinic until it’s necessary.

For the initial consultation, customers can book an online video consultation on an app like
Gojek. Customers can choose the doctor from the list that appears on the application and
depending on their preferred date and time, they can pick the slot.

Before starting the video call, the doctor will drop a text message or place a normal voice call to
confirm if they can start the video call or not.

This service helps people omit the need of visiting the clinic in the first place, thus saving their
time and effort at the same time!
Deliver parcels
Customers can now deliver parcels from one location to another. The parcel can contain
anything from documents to furniture and also cement bags.

To send parcels, customers can book a cargo vehicle depending on the item they’re sending.
For example, if they want to send ceramic pots to a local address, they can book a cargo mini
truck, add all the drop-off location(s), and simply send them!

While delivering the parcel, the delivery driver will first need to add a 4-digit code sent to the
receiver’s phone number. Only after the code is verified, the items would be delivered.
Online medicine ordering
In case of emergencies, customers can use an app like Gojek and order medicines online from
a nearby pharmacy.

All they need to do is upload the prescription signed by the doctor on the app, select the
required medicines, and add them to the cart.

A delivery driver will soon be assigned by the system. The customer can record and upload a
voice note for them with instructions about the routes, parking rules, or where to drop the

It is only after the driver picks up the order from the store can they listen to the instructions and
make the delivery!

Well, there are numerous on-demand services available on this single app! Here are some of
the other services mentioned.

● Delivery Genie and Runner
● Order Blood/Plasma from the nearby blood bank
● Bid for handyman services
● Online luxurious taxi booking
In Conclusion:
Are you ready to launch a single app that offers 101+ on-demand services? If you are, then
grab this chance to launch the app on iOS and Android App Stores.

Get in touch with the white-labeling experts and launch an app like Gojek with 101+ services on
a single platform.

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