Improving security and surveillance in our homes and business is very important if we want to ensure we control who enters our property and feel safer at night while also keeping our property more secure. Fortunately, there are many different installations and facilities that can help us ensure that we keep our property safe and secure. For most of us this doesn’t have to be a big investment, but the combination of CCTV and an intercom system should do the trick.

Close Circuit Television

Starting with CCTV, this stands for Close Circuit Television, which basically means television that only you and your employees/family can see, focused on your property. This means you can have extra eyes both inside and outside around your  Goliath Gegensprechanlage property to make sure nothing is happening inside that you don’t want. However, recent advances in CCTV mean there’s a lot more you can do with it, which we’ll look at here.

First, CCTV means you can watch what’s happening around your building in real-time to ensure there are no intruders when you’re not in the area. But at the same time it also means that when you are not on the property/asleep it will record what is going on for you to watch at a later date to ensure nothing happened during the night . This can also provide you with evidence if you need to track down a culprit, and this in turn can help you get your stolen belongings back.

In addition, you can also use CCTV remotely if you have IP-CCTV (Internet Protocol Close Circuit Television). This then means that your footage is streamed online so you can watch it on computers connected to the network, or even on phones. You can also set up your cameras to include motion sensors, or better yet, video analytics, which gives them the idea of detecting movement, or even “human” movement , so they only record interesting objects, and if you want you can set them up that way to warn you when these things happen.

An intercom, on the other hand, serves a different purpose — it allows you to speak to anyone who comes to your door before deciding whether or not to let them in. That way you can make sure it’s someone you want in your building before you let them in. You can then usually grant him entry by simply hitting a ‘buzzer’ which will let him in without you having to move, and by having all these doors to your property turned on you can ensure you know who your property is at all times entered or left the building.

By combining this intercom with CCTV, you have the ability not only to talk to people at your door, but also to see who is there. This way you can make sure they are who they say they are and discover their identities without letting them know you’re there.

Features and benefits of today’s door intercom systems

Due to convenience and security, the popularity of today’s video intercoms is growing rapidly. This article will highlight some of the most popular features and benefits of these intercoms and differentiate between some of the main types of intercoms.

Door phones are specifically designed to securely identify visitors before they open the door. Room-to-room intercoms, on the other hand, are primarily intended to communicate – typically audio only – from one room of a home or office to another. This is not to say that these categories are mutually exclusive, as there are some intercom systems that can offer both functions; However, most of the time this is not what the application requires.

The basic video intercom system consists of a handset and a 4 inch monitor, a black and white doorbell camera with integrated intercom and a power supply for the handset/monitor. The handset has a Speak, View and often a Door Release button. Today’s cameras typically offer IR illumination that enables night vision through bright LEDs attached to the doorbell camera.

Intercom models

The more advanced home intercom models offer color cameras that are in color during the day and black and white at night. Other features such as time and date stamped 32-frame memory are available to show you who was at the door even when you’re not at home. These intercoms will also be hands-free, so there’s no need to pick up the phone. Monitor controls for brightness, sharpness, speaker volume, and tone volume may not be available on the simpler models. Door status monitoring is also often not available on some economy models.

An important consideration is installation wiring and removal. Often the economy intercoms require a 4-wire cable between the monitor and the doorbell station. However, existing doorbell wiring is usually two wires, and this is where the seemingly more expensive intercom system, which only requires two wires, can prove to be the best deal when you add in the work of running and pulling new wiring. The premium video intercoms allow up to 300 feet between monitor and doorbell camera using only 2-conductor 18 AWG cable.

A neat feature of some doorphones is the ability to initiate a live display of activity outside your door, even when the doorbell isn’t activated. This is a strong safety and comfort value for many homeowners today. Because most of these video intercoms are easy to install and are surface-mount and weatherproof, many homeowners install them themselves. However, if the remote door opener option is to be used with an electric door opener, which makes installation difficult, a professional locksmith is recommended.

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