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If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop like Clevo NH7O, you have a lot of options out there. There are many different things to consider, like the amount of RAM, graphics power, screen resolution, and battery life. These are the main considerations when buying a computer, so take some time to find the one that’s right for you.

Screen resolution

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming laptop, there are several things to consider. Among them is the screen resolution. You’ll find that 1080p is the most common, but Quad HD and 4K screens are making their way into the fold. A high resolution laptop will provide you with the most enticing visuals, and the performance is top notch.

In addition to resolution, you’ll want to check out the screen size. It’s worth getting a bigger screen if you’re a heavy gamer. Some gaming laptops have touch screens, which are great for certain games. Another feature to look for is the refresh rate. The higher the Hz, the better. This is a key feature for competitive multiplayer games.

The best screen for a gaming laptop is one with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz. Although the number of Hz isn’t particularly important for a desktop PC, it’s a vital feature for a laptop.


The memory in your gaming laptop is crucial for the smoothest gameplay. With the right amount of RAM, you can run your games at high speeds without stuttering or crashing. If you don’t have enough RAM, your games may not load and you’ll get blurry graphics.

For the best gaming experience, choose a laptop with a high resolution, IPS screen and G-Sync. These technologies enable more detail and colors and eliminate tearing. Using these features also means you won’t experience any lag.

Your CPU and GPU are other important factors in your gaming experience. They are critical to completing demanding tasks and processing visual data. A powerful CPU and GPU will give you the most performance. However, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your budget.

Graphics power

The graphics power on a gaming laptop can be impressive. A capable CPU and capable GPU can handle even the most ambitious resolutions. But a gaming laptop doesn’t have to be overly expensive. With the right setup, your laptop could provide smoother performance than your desktop equivalent.

There are many different types of laptops and they come with various power limits. In general, lower end cards can outperform their higher end counterparts. You’ll also want to test the video quality on your chosen machine. If you’re going to be playing on battery power, you’ll want to tweak your settings to optimize the experience.

The best way to check the graphics power on a laptop is to open up the Nvidia control panel and look for the ‘System Information’ tab. This will open up a window displaying the power limit of your system.

Battery life

It’s important to choose a gaming laptop with good battery life. Generally, you can get between four and six hours of gaming on a single charge.

However, the actual battery life of your laptop will depend on how you use it. For instance, playing games at high resolutions will deplete your battery. If you are looking to extend your battery life, you should also try to limit your display’s backlight.

When you are browsing through emails or watching a streaming video, you won’t need as much power as if you are playing a full-blown game. Likewise, your laptop won’t need to work as hard if you don’t run it through the AC connector.

You should also keep your laptop in a cool place. This is especially true if you are running a high-resolution display.

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