Blue World City Launches Waterfront District Block

Blue World City Launches Waterfront District Block


The Blue World City Islamabad is the upcoming lavish housing project currently under construction near Islamabad. It comprises of several housing block, and the most splendid one is Waterfront block. It is one of the most adorable blocks in the entire project, as it has several elite features. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has given the legal approval for the construction of numerous blocks of this project. The purpose of establishing waterfront block is to cater to the residents, who are looking forward to enjoy an exotic flow of waterfall near their house. This block would not only utilize for residential purposes, but even for commercial purposes.

WaterFront District Block

After getting moderate success in different other housing blocks, the owners of blue world city are coming up with another big investment opportunity. They are planning to launch a marvellous Blue World City Waterfront District Block that is set to become a thrilling experience for the residents. This block would be a unique development, which any individual can imaging from it’s the name. The best part about this block is that it would have huge artificial lakes, alongside the hilly landscapes. This new elite block would fulfill the residential needs of its investors in variety of ways.

Location and Map

The investors of any housing project prioritize the location of the project, where they are willing to invest. The reason behind that is to ensure that they would not only enjoy some beauty but also easily access, whenever they want. As per the Masterplan, this block would be around less than 20 minutes drive away from the under construction Rawalpindi Ring road adjacent New Islamabad International Airport. Also, it would have a separate entrance point, as compared to other blocks

Payment Plan

Different plots sizes of this block have different payment plans. The larger the size, the greater amount of payment is for it. Some of the main plot rates are mentioned below

6 Marla

The complete rate of 6 Marla plots starts from PKR 17.5 lacs,, while it can be easily booked from PKR 1.75 lacs. The investors have the option to pay around 40 months’ of installments or eight half-yearly as per their need. The investors can complete their payment within next four years.

12 Marla

The complete price of the 12 Marla plot is greater than 6 marla, which is around PKR 31 lacs, and booking initiates from PKR 3.15 lacs. Moreover, the investor have the choice to pay 40 months’ installment of PKR 31500 or prefer the alternate eight half-year payment installments.

18 Marla

The rate of 18 Marla plots is around PKR 42 lacs, and its booking rate starts from PKR 2.1 Lacs only. Similar to 6 and 12 Marla, payment plan of 18 marla is also of four years, with an option of eight installments of half years.


Water front block of blue world city aims to cater to their investors by providing state of the art facilities. Some of them are below.

Artificial Waterfalls

There would be some artificial waterfall around some housing, where the residents would have the opportunity to enjoy the glimpse of some wonder land.

Floating Restaurant

There would be a huge restaurant around the artificial river, which would be similar to a boat. The restaurant would give a glimpse of some huge ship with lavish facilities.

Dancing Fountain

There would be a huge dancing fountain that would be moving with a music. That fountain would add a charm into the entire block, similar to some foreign city.

Water Sports

The artificial river of this block would also encourage water sports, where the residents would enjoy activities like boating, rowing, or even jet skiing.


The Blue World City Waterfront block shows the real representation of some luxurious facilities that include ease and stylishness. The entire block is going to be an amazing investment, whether its payment plan, or infrastructure. IF you want to learn more about this block, please reach out to real estate agents of Estate Land Marketing for reserving the plots. Our agents are experienced enough to provide better insights of this block, and would also help the investors to visit the site.

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